Tumi Alpha Bravo Henderson Luggage Review

Looking for Tumi quality in a stylish checked bag? The Bravo Henderson comes in 3 patterns, including the very popular Blue Geo Print.


Tumi Bravo Henderson Construction

This Tumi bag measures 26″ high x 15″ wide and is expandable. Trust us, it has PLENTY of space even for the inner hoarder that lives in all of us.

Much like other Tumi bags, the Henderson is made of 100% Ballistic Nylon with Polyester lining.

This is a sturdy bag, which is what we and most people have come to expect from such a great luggage brand like Tumi.

Zipper Quality

One of the most vital parts of any luggage is the zipper.

Again, this a Tumi so I probably could have skipped over this part completely! Tumi, along with other top notch luggage designer brands, uses the best zipper technology.

This insures there will be no breaks, even when it is a tight squeeze.


Tumi Bravo Henderson Wheels

This piece of luggage has super high quality spinner wheels, which are the preferred type these days by most customers.

They allow you to stand your Henderson upright and wheel it right along you.

Tumi Tracer Tag

Even though many of us never have to deal with lost luggage, those of us who travel all the time know how much of a pain it is when it happens.

Tumi Tracer uses a 20 digit tracer number which allows you to track your luggage down at whichever airport it may be.

People can call the 800 number and you will get notified where your luggage is.



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