Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Expandable Spinner Carry On

Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Expandable

Anyone can find so many different types of luggage traveling bags in stores and on the Internet.

However, most of these are cheap, cheaply made, and do not guarantee that the items within them will be protected and safe.

That is why I decided to figure out which type of luggage would be best to choose from and with the highest of quality.

The search for these specific types of bags was not hard to find once I started reading the reviews on each item. That was when I started reading about the Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Carry On bag.

This carry on bag has been rated for the highest of quality and has definitely passed the tests of the customers.

It is created with a pinnacle of design innovation, functionality, engineering, and performance.

This Alpha 2 has stood by the commitment to making the absolute best and better than they are able to design and produce.

They have engineered a luggage bag with over 30 design improvements to make this carry on bag the absolute best in the market.

Once I began reading more and more into the information about the Tumi Alpha 2 carry on bag, I found out that it had a lot of features and aspects that it came equipped with, and all of them are the reasons as to why this carry on bag is of top quality and performance.

Checked bag

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  • It is imported and made of 100% Ballistic Nylon
  • With a zipper closure
  • It has a textile lining
  • It is 21.5″ high from the ground up
  • A few front zip pockets
  • 4 recessed swivel wheel
  • Top and bottom grab handles, tie down straps, and pockets that are able to hold tickets, and an individuals passport.

All of these features that it comes equipped with are what give this carry on bag the good name that it has developed.

I couldn’t believe how amazing this carry on bag was when I first started reading into it, and how tempting it was for me to want to purchase it.

The Tumi Alpha company specifically designed these collections of cases to be lighter, stronger, and offering an increased packing capacity, smarter functionality, sleeker profiles, and easier maneuverability.

This unique carry on bag has been designed with the highest quality in luggage bags, and this is what makes them as popular as they are.

There were so many different reviews about the Tumi Alpha 2 Continental expandable bag, and all of them had so many positive things to say about this piece of luggage that made me feel compelled to purchase one for myself.

There were a lot of satisfied customers that claimed that whenever they were rolling the luggage bag while they walked, that they hear nothing but silence.

The wheels were designed in a unique way that they were very smooth, therefore, no sound comes off of them as they are being rolled across the floor.

Many have said that all of the compartments, inside of this carry on, performed very well, turning this bag is effortless, the telescopic handle lifts easily and then locks into place, the zippers functioned better than anyone would imagine, and it moves so easy and is much lighter than anyone of them would have expected.

This carry on bag has even been said to be very elegant and professional in appearance, and that the quality of the build is absolutely perfect.

Overall, this bag is designed with finest functionality and quality that nobody would be able to find anywhere else in a luggage bag.


There are so many positive comments that have been made towards the Alpha 2 Continental expandable bag that it is almost impossible to pass up.

With all of the incredible features that it comes equipped with, and the beneficial handles and room that it offers, I knew it wasn’t anything that I could pass up.

This luggage is top notch when it comes to the overall market.

With so many beneficial bags that are available to purchase, and with this carry on bag having so many good reviews for it, it makes it clear that this bag was designed for quality and functionality so that traveling individuals would be able to have the best bag available to them.



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