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tumi alpha 2 front view

tumi alpha 2 checked bag

Last year when I was planning my trip to Scotland, I realized I needed to purchase a new luggage.

I really needed a large checked baggage suitcase because I was staying for two weeks. After looking around, I came across a few Tumi Alpha 2 checked bags.

These bags were high-end and they had plenty of room for all my items. But since there were several different models to choose from I had to make a decision.

I compared and contrasted each of the bags in this category to find out which was best for my needs.

It is important to note that the main difference between all 4 is simply the size, so I will be posting different views as well.

Below you will see my findings and a little more about each of these models.

Short Trip (Expandable)

tumi alpha 2 open view

If you are planning on taking a short trip that only lasts a few days, then this is the best model for you.

This very tough packing case is large enough to carry a few sets of clothing but won’t weigh you down.

In fact, this model only weighs just over 14 pounds which will allow just about anyone to carry it with ease.

The standard 3-stage telescoping handle and 4 recessed swivel wheels that you get with all of this models come standard with the short trip unit.

Top and bottom grab handles allow you to carry this model in any position that feels best for you.

The handles also make it easy to raise the case above your head in case you need to store it.

A mesh zip pocket combined with a passport pocket will give you plenty of room for all your small items and electronics. This will keep them safe while you are on the go.

Check Price on Short Trip Model.

Medium Trip (Expandable)

tumi alpha 2 open view with suit hanger

Another great checked baggage suitcase, this medium sized model is perfect for those who take a trip that is less than seven days long.

Lightweight, this packing case weighs in at only 17.2 pounds. This is great for those who like to travel light.

As with all of these models, this unit comes with a 3-stage telescoping handle and 4 recessed swivel wheels that will help get you around quickly.

A lever lock two stage expansion system helps keep the case shut even during rough handling. This is very important if you are planning to take a trip outside of the country.

Check Price on Medium Trip Model.

Extended Trip (Expandable)

tumi alpha 2 front and side view

This highly durable checked baggage suitcase has plenty of room for those looking to take a week-long trip.

It has plenty of room for clothing, a laptop and everything you need to live comfortably while on the road.

I really liked the removable reinforced garment section which makes packing my clothes neatly and very easy.

This case also comes with a passport pocket which is great for keeping your documents.

The 3-stage telescoping handle will allow users to easily pull the case around the airport, and the 4 recessed swivel wheels that come standard with these models aids in getting around as well.

Check Price on Extended Trip Model.

Worldwide Trip (Expandable)

tumi alpha 2 side view

This is by far the largest of all cases in this collection. The worldwide model has the ability to carry several weeks of clothing with ease.

It has all the standards that the other cases have but it is super-sized to meet a busy traveler’s needs.

This advanced model also comes with an additional front pocket that will allow you to carry even more items while on the go.

Another feature that drew me to this model was the X-Brace45® telescoping handle system that makes pulling this case super easy.

Not many cases can compare to the quality and durability of this case. If you are traveling for more than a week, this case is a sure must have. Check Price on Worldwide Trip Model.

Which One Did I choose?

tumi alpha 2 front view

Because of the length of my trip, I decided to purchase the worldwide model so that I would be sure that I have plenty of room for my stuff.

I also wanted to bring back some souvenirs for my friends. I found that all of these models are well worth the money and would be a joy to own.

In the future, I plan on purchasing at least one more of these to add to my luggage collection.

So if you are looking for amazingly durable luggage that will last a lifetime, these will get the job done perfectly.

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