Samsonite Classic Three Gusset Lg Toploader Review

Samsonite Three Gusset Lg Toploader front view

While I am sure many of you face the same mundane problems that I do, I still feel the need to talk about a situation in which I recently found myself.

I was at the train station at eight in the morning, running late as usual.

As I waited for the correct train to arrive and take me into the city I decided to go over the materials I would soon be presenting in the morning meeting.

As I unzipped my bag I immediately noticed the zipper separating from the fabric.

Of course, I felt the need to investigate further, and all the poking and prodding made the problem significantly worse.

By the time I got onto the train I had to tuck the bag under my arm to make sure it did not fall apart completely.

Samsonite Three Gusset Lg Toploader open view

I was dreading the prospect of finding a new briefcase. I had neither the time nor patience to look through overly technical product descriptions and nitpicky customer reviews.

I travel often and needed something durable and easily accessible.

Not to mention something that would still look professional. I still cringe at the memory of my first interview when I was fresh out of college. I

arrived at the office and looked immaculate in every way, that is if it were not for the stained neon green duffel bag I was carrying. It was the only thing I had not thought of.

It was slightly embarrassing.

Back to the day on the train, when I finally got to the office I placed the mangled carrying case on my desk and sighed. The time had come for something new.

I began the search for my new travel companion online, as most people would. Amazon is a marvelous thing. All my choices were displayed in front of me.

All that was left was for me to choose. I finally decided on the Samsonite Classic Three gusset Lg Toploader, and here is what I found.

Sleek Design

As I mentioned before, appearance is important. This particular model is standard black, which is good for me as it matches all of my business attire.

It comes with both handle and detachable shoulder strap. I like that it can look similar to a briefcase one moment, and switch to a carry on the next.

The zippers are also black, which blends in perfectly to the fabric. The brand logo is a subtle rectangle on the front corner, which I like.

Nobody likes to feel like a walking billboard.

Storage Space

I liked all the pockets that were available. My laptop fit nicely in the large compartment which stands at 12 inches high and 17 inches wide.

There is even enough room to store a few notebooks as well as my more important files.

There are also two front pockets, one which makes paperwork easy to get to, and the other gives me easy access to my writing utensils and business cards.

Fit For Travel

Travel is a part of life for almost everyone. I like how this can not only be used as a briefcase, but also luggage that I do not have to be concerned with.

There is padding on the inside so I do not have to be worried about getting bumped into, or even the crowded overhead bins.

Overall this case makes traveling easier that it was in the past.


In case it was not obvious, I don’t want to invest too much time into the upkeep of my luggage.

The Samsonite Classic was made of strong nylon fibers that do not rip or tear due to frequent use.

The handles are wrapped which make it more comfortable to hold as well as protecting the straps underneath.

I feel confident that it will be quite a while before I have any more luggage incidents at the train station.

Being a typical person with a busy life, I find that whatever I carry my papers in should not give me much of a headache.

Any time I need to replace something like this all I want is something that eases my concerns. This model does exactly what I need while looking professional and giving me ample space for my belongings.

Since I made the purchase I am convinced that Samsonite knows exactly what people like myself are looking for.

Now, all this talk about business and travel has reminded me that I have been slacking off at work and should probably get back to it.

For one final thought I would just like to add that if anyone else is tired of being embarrassed by briefcase fails, take a look at the Samsonite Classic Three Gusset Lg Toploader.

I am aware that it is a mouthful to say, but it is definitely worth the purchase.


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