Briggs & Riley Torq Large Spinner QU130SP Review

Briggs & Riley Torq Spinner QU130SP front view

When shopping for luggage to take on a vacation or trip should be painless.

In the past when I have bought luggage and bags to travel I would grab the cutest one and purchase it. I have found from past experience that this is not the best idea.

Often times the cutest luggage is not the most durable. Usually, I buy luggage at least twice a year because it falls apart and breaks down on me when I am in the middle of a trip.

I decided that the next trip I take will include a sturdy piece of luggage that will not let me down at the worst time.

To begin my luggage reviews I knew I had to find something that was made to last. I wanted something that would not only meet my packing needs but withstand that roughness of my journeys.

Unfortunately, I am very hard on my luggage which may have caused it to fall apart so quickly.

I needed something that would not only withstand me but also withstand mother nature as well.

Another issue I kept running into when I bought the cute luggage was not having enough room for all of my stuff.

Once all my stuff was in the bag I needed it to be lightweight instead of outweighing me. It is hard to handle a piece of luggage that I could barely pick up or pull behind me.

Instead of focusing on my itinerary once I landed, I was worried about my luggage.

Briggs & Riley Torq Spinner QU130SP open view

The quality luggage that I located was the Torq QU13OSP. It has several durable features that were very impressive and caught my attention.

The zipper was ergonomic and self-repairing with a double zipper feature that locks in place.

That kind of zipper will not only let me secure the bag but will allow me to fill it to the max. It is made of Makrolon three-layer fiber that will give sustainable support and stability.

This type of material is resilient and heightened the durability of the luggage.

It will withstand any type of weather or hard terrain that I would be putting it through.

This luggage has a hard shell casing on the outside of it. It is designed to protect the items inside the bag with the hard shell.

The outer hard cover has a large size compartment for maximum storage of all the extra’s needed for my trips.

It has many compartments for storage and significant organization. I could use this for many of my items that I need every day.

They would be easier to find and keep separated from my main luggage items. The locking mechanism on the luggage bag will safely secure all my personal belonging and ensure that nothing is easily taken.

I like this feature because I normally have expensive electronics with me that I need for business and it would nice to know they are safely locked up.

A lock feature would be a wonderful advantage when I am on a plane, or waiting for a cab.

I could turn my back away from my luggage and not worry about someone trying to steal anything out of it.

The luggage will conveniently hold a week’s worth of items for my next trip.

That is great to consider because I would not have to sort through what I must take and what I will have to live without while I am away.

I can take all of the items that I want without scarifying for my inconvenient luggage. Weight is another nice feature that this piece of luggage has.

It is only approximately 13 pounds of weight. I can fill it full of my essentials and still be able to maintain the bag without help.

It will be easy to carry or pull behind me without running out of breath. Instead of worrying about my luggage, I could focus on the main reasons I am on my trip, to begin with.

After admiring the quality, durability, and stability of this luggage, it seems to be a good match for me.

I am considering this type of luggage for my next journey, and will no longer feel agitated when I have to travel.

The Briggs & Riley Torq is on the top of my list for purchase because of the positive features it comes with.


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