Briggs & Riley Sympatico Large Spinner SU130SP Review

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Trying to find the right suitcase can be extremely difficult, especially if you are looking for something that you can use as a checked bag and you don’t want a lot of hassle.

Of course, the way airlines operate has made everything more difficult when it comes to traveling and the last thing that you need is to deal with even more problems because of the bag you are carrying.

Fortunately, there are a few bags available on the market that make things as easy as possible, even in the face of dealing with the TSA and the long lines that go with it.

One of the most impressive bags to come along in quite a while is a large spinner called the Sympatico SU130SP.

It is made by Briggs & Riley and you can tell that it is made with quality in mind when you first look at it.

Space Age Design

The minute that you look at this bag, you know there is something different about it.

It has this sleek look about it that makes it look extremely strong and classy all at the same time.

Much of this is because of its polycarbonate case, a hard shell that makes it capable of standing up to some incredibly harsh treatment.

This is a good thing, especially if you plan on taking it with you when you fly. Its also big enough for you to pack just about everything you need and have room left over.

With that being said, it has double swivel wheels that allow it to easily roll along, even when it is fully loaded.

This means that no matter how much of your stuff you cram into it, you will always be able to carry it around with you easily without having to worry about it being too heavy.

It also has a sturdy handle that is capable of standing up to a lot of punishment, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking the first time you use it.

Security That Matters

Of course, you want a bag that’s totally secure and this one fits the bill. It has a personal combination lock that you can set yourself.

That way, all of your stuff remains secure even when the bag is not right by your side.

In addition, it has double zippers that pull easily and smoothly, yet lock securely into place when you are not actually using them.

It also has a separate TSA lock so you don’t have to worry about opening your bag with your combination in front of anyone or giving your combination out to strangers.

This provides the ultimate level of security, something that relatively few bags that are currently on the market are capable of doing.

Serious Style, Inside and Out

This bag weighs just 11 pounds when it is empty, despite the fact that it has a hard shell and heavy duty wheels and handle.

At 30 inches high, 20 inches wide and 12 inches deep, it gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to packing without being so large that it is cumbersome.

Despite this fact, you can get an enormous amount of items in the bag itself. A lot of it is because of the way it is designed inside.

For example, it is specially designed to keep wrinkling to a minimum, something that is vitally important to anyone that is traveling for a business trip or something similar.

It also has straps to keep clothes from shifting regardless of how much the bag gets tossed around. It even has special compartments with separate access points for smaller items.


Yes, it is true, the SU130SP Sympatico from Briggs & Riley is one of the best large spinners on the market, if not the best.

This is a bag that lets you travel in style and experience a level of comfort that you have probably never known before and it lets you have all of this at the same time.

Most bags either don’t give you enough room to pack all of your stuff or they force you to fumble through the main compartment for several minutes to find what you are looking for.

If they are large enough to accommodate everything you need to pack, the bags are often so cumbersome that you can scarcely move them from one location to another.

This bag combines the best of both worlds because it gives you the opportunity to have a bag that is large enough to handle anything you throw at it without being difficult to manage.

Its separate compartments give you quick access to things that you need without forcing you to open the main compartment in order to get them.

They truly seem to have thought of everything with this bag. That is what makes it such a good choice for anyone that travels, whether you do so frequently or only once in a while.


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