Briggs and Riley Deliver with the New Baseline International Carry-On

new briggs and riley baseline carry on.fw

When shopping for luggage I know first-hand how important it is to find something durable.

Finding the right luggage can take time because it is necessary to locate the right product for specific necessities.

I know there have been many times I have been traveling and had my luggage, break, rip, and not hold up properly.

There is nothing worse than being in a hurry to a life changing event and having luggage malfunction.

I normally would expect my luggage to get lost at the airport, but not to fall apart at the most inconvenient time.

After having numerous luggage accidents, I have learned my lesson as to what to look for when purchasing new luggage.

The key features that are a must are quality, durability, and sturdiness.

A piece of luggage that I have my eye on is the Briggs & Riley Baseline International Carry-On Spinner.

The Baseline is Model # U121CXSPW. This luggage bag has the ability for any type of travel. It can be used for vacation, overnight trips, and international airline travel.

I like the idea of having one bag for any type of luggage needs.

This bag is designed to hold an abundance of packing needs. It is short in height and wide in size; which will allow for maximum packing ability.

This is a great feature because I would not need to pick and choose what outfits I have to take with me.

Instead, I could take a variety of outfits with matching shoes and have plenty of room for more.

new briggs and riley baseline carry on inside view

What I really like about this luggage bag is the wheels it has. This bag has four wheels that turn in a 360-degree direction.

No matter how many turns or maneuvering that I need to do; this bag would be able to keep up with me.

I would not need to stop and pick it up to go around a sharp corner or make sure I don’t knock over a table in the hotel. The capability of the wheels will make my travels from the airport to my hotel a smooth journey.

I believe it would take the stress out of getting caught on any object in my way and could swivel around any obstacles.

This would keep me moving without worrying about my bag getting stuck behind me.

I noticed that the size of this Carry-On bag will offer me a full load of luggage and will fit with ease into the overhead compartment feet first.

This is remarkable to know; because there is nothing more irritating than trying to push and shove my bag into the overhead compartment and it’s not wanting to fit properly.

Once I need to exit the plane, I can easily pull this bag behind me down the aisle without banging it on the seats or running into a passenger’s legs.

One of the main issues of luggage malfunction is the zipper busting or coming off track.

This bag has a durable zipper that is made to last and not bust the second time it is used. I like the idea that I can use a bag more than a few times and the zipper not burst open.

The zipper appears to be sturdy which will allow me to stuff the bag and still get it to zip and unzip accurately. This feature is always important.

I never seem to get everything to fit back into my luggage as it was when I originally packed it.

Another neat feature of this type of bag is that is it repels water.

No matter how many rainy days I have to travel or water puddles that seem to step in front of me; my stuff will stay dry.

Not having to worry about a downpour when you’re pulling your luggage behind you is a plus. I always have the worst luck at scuffing up my luggage no matter where I go. I think this bag has a solution for my scuff and scratch problem.

It is abrasion resistant and it heals itself. I think that is amazing. No matter how many times I knock it around or bump it on something it will still look new.

The next time I travel, the only person going to know that my luggage took a beating is me.

It is a lightweight luggage bag which of course makes a difference. It weighs only 9 pounds, which are super light and will be easy to maintain and move around.

I know from experience that having a light luggage bag will make the adventure of walking around with it much more appealing.

There is nothing worse than having a heavy, bulky bag with no flexibility when speed walking around an airport.

After trying all of the features of the new Briggs & Riley carry-on spinner, it is definitely a worth-while purchase in my opinion.


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