Briggs & Riley Baseline (U128CX) Checked Luggage Review

Anyone who has traveled either far from home or close by can understand the need for quality luggage.

There have been several times that I have traveled out of town and had my baggage fall apart. It always happens at the most inconvenient time.

The last time I had taken a trip out of town, my luggage had a problem with the zipper. Almost all of my personal belongings had spilled onto the street.

It was embarrassing and very inconvenient. I had decided that once in for all I was going to shop for luggage that was sturdy, durable, and made of great quality.

Briggs & Riley Baseline black back view

The Large Expandable Upright baseline (U128CX) luggage bag that I have my eye on is made of new technology, that consists of CX expansion-compression.

Not only is the baggage made to withstand traveling needs, it is also made to hold a lot of items.

I could take all the outfits that I want and still have room for matching accessories. The luggage bag allows for approximately 26% more room for packing.

This type of feature will put my mind at ease when last minute packing is required. Nothing is worse than having all of my clothing ready to pack and not have the room to fit it into the bag.

With this luggage, I would not have to decide on what I had to take and what I could live without for a few weeks.

briggs & Riley Baseline black side view

Being able to expand the luggage bag will make it more beneficial to compact everything that I need to take with me on my next adventure.

The bag can easily go to its original size. All I need to do is grab the luggage bag on both sides and pull upward.

This will allow the bag to compact back to its original shape without having lumps or bulging out.

Everything that I need to take with me will stay in place and not move around or get squashed inside the bag. Even though the luggage is bigger it is very light to carry. It only weighs a little over ten pounds.

Considering the size, I am shocked that it does not weigh more than that.

I picked it up and found that I could carry it without a problem and that I would not need assistance with carrying this bag upstairs.

Briggs & Riley Baseline black laying on back view

One of my main concerns when reviewing this piece of luggage was the zipper.

Since I had a few incidents with zippers breaking during my trips, I wanted to ensure this piece of luggage was different.

The zipper is made of Racquet Coil and is easy maintenance because it is self-repairing. The zipper pull straps are lockable.

This means I don’t have to worry about my zippers unzipping by themselves.

This luggage would keep my items safe from spilling out all over the place while I am walking down the street. That is very important to me considering I have had that happen before.

Briggs & Riley Baseline tan open view

The fabric is made of durable nylon which is the resistance of water, and scratches. Even the color of the luggage will not fade or run, which is beneficial.

When I am walking in the rain to grab a cab, I would not have to worry about the color being tainted. If I am walking up a flight of stairs, bumping it would not change the new appearance.

It has a self-healing mechanism in the material. No matter what I knock the bag off of, it will fix the abrasions all by itself.

That is an amazing feature because I can take a new bag and make it look old after one use. I am hard on my luggage when I am in a hurry.

Inside the luggage, it is designed with light colored lining.

The reason it has a light colored lining is for quick location of items that is packed. No more searching and throwing everything out of the bag to find one item.

I could look at the lining and know exactly where my makeup or accessories are located.

This will save me plenty of stress and time when needing something from the bag in a hurry.

After looking over the qualities and durability of the piece of luggage, it seems to be a great choice. I will keep this on my list of possibilities when I am ready to purchase my new luggage. The next trip I take will be less stressful.

I will make sure my new luggage has the best quality and durability there is, before taking my next adventure.


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