The Best of Tumi Luggage


Tumi has one of the best trending and loyal brands flowing in the industry.

From some different sources, they are said to make unique and exceptional luggage. Tumi is mainly known for its diverse products of bags.

This innovation could have been due to the need of people traveling and wanting to have their luggage safe wherever they go.

Tumi has been rated among the best luggage brands on the market.

This is due to its high-quality construction which includes wheels which are sealed with steel ball bearings that are mounted on solid steel axles in custom designed shock – absorbing bushings.

These bags can easily be transported in multiple due to their unique features like having a back sleeve that slips over extended luggage handles, making it easy to carry heavier bags on Tumi wheeled luggage.

You would have to spend more money that it would be the case with Tumi if you decided to go for the typical household brands.

How did we Choose the Best Tumi Luggage?

Tumi offers bags designed for short trips, medium and even long vacations.

The choice of the luggage is, therefore, dependent on the length of the vacation, the destination and the activities planned.

Before purchasing remember to check the restrictions on luggage imposed by the transportation administrations and the transporting airline.

Choose large wheeled suitcases especially if you are going for a long vacation.

Decide on whether you would need a garment bag as this will enable you to carry your clothing without wrinkling.

If there is the need for one, then you will know the perfect Tumi luggage make for you.

Get to understand the luggage restrictions. This is because each airline has its recommendation and restrictions regarding what may be brought abroad a plane in carry-on baggage.

If the passenger does not adhere to the restrictions, then they may be denied the entry.

To avoid being a victim, it is important to review the restriction and approach the right luggage with confidence.

The Best Tumi Luggage Pieces 

Since Tumi has a variety of luggage, it is important for the customers to know the perfect brand that would suit their occasion. The following are some of the best Tumi luggage.

The Alpha 2 International

This is a very exceptional piece of luggage from Tumi. It is slightly expensive than the other makes but the price is worth. It is a soft shelled carry on.

This carry-on comes with Tumi’s add a bag option. This allows another bag of up to 200lbs to be easily secured to this bag.

The client who is looking for a long vacation bag then has Tumi Alpha International as the best option as it gives them an easy time carrying multiple bags.

The inside bag has:

  • A removable garment sleeve in the lid compartment
  • Hanger bracket
  • Zip pockets
  • Mesh zip pockets
  • Passport pocket
  • A ticket pocket
  • Tie down straps

T- Tech Cargo Continental

This is a hard shell carry one which goes at a fair price. It is made from a durable nylon fabric.

These bags are also available with a removable suiter section and a TSA – compliant toiletries case.

It was designed for urban warriors, and it has everything an urban traveler may need.

It has four wheels and is light in weight; the wheels make it easy to move within the urban terrain.

The users have had success getting this bag to fit in the overhead compartments and fit everything they may need perfectly.

Tegra Lite International

This happens to be the most popular Tumi carry-on luggage because of it being durable, lightweight and stylish.

The bag is made from a polypropylene thermoplastic composite material.

This bag will fit almost every domestic compartment. Most users have rated the bag perfect for two- four days of travel.

Tumi Vapor bags

These are cases made from a lightweight triple layer, high – performance alloy of ABC plastic resin and polycarbonate.

This collection is known to be the most innovative due to its uniqueness of not following the classical designs.

This bag comes in either four or two-wheeled designs.

Voyageur Super Leger

This collection is made from a hundred percent Nylon material thus making it another great choice for someone who is looking for a new carry-on bag.

The new Voyageur supper Leger is a highly rated bag depending on where you look.

This bag is super easy to pack because of its two outside compartments and three inside compartments.

The soft material also allows for a slightly bigger capacity if you are packing to the capacity as it expands a little.

However, the bag should not be fit to full as this may become too larger and thus a challenge in the fitting of the overhead compartments.

When using this make, your items are very secure because of the two inner straps that make a sort of an x shape.

Most of the reviews on this product have been so positive that most owners cannot say enough of it. The famous Tumi luggage tag makes it an exceptional bag.

The fact that it is available in some bold colors makes it a choice for most users.

V3 Continental Carry-On

This is one of the Tumi lightest hard side travel collection up to date.

The exceptionally durable four-wheel V3 continental carry-on is perfectly made for the frequent travelers and those taking short trips.

The smooth rolling wheels provide effortless mobility on your journey.

The following are some of the outstanding features:

  • The Luggage is made of polycarbonate
  • A retractable top carry-handle for easy lifting
  • A zip entry to the main compartment
  • 3-stage telescoping handles and a TSA integrated lock
  • Four recessed dual spinner wheels for multi-directional movement
  • Three inside zip pockets with a divider for separate parking areas
  • A tie-down strap to prevent contents from shifting
  • Tumi Tracer which helps for its recovery
  • Wheeled luggage size guide
  • Integrated luggage tag

Where to Buy

You can get Tumi luggage at their official Tumi site; they update their sales regularly.

You can also get Tumi luggage at Macy’s where they offer a wide variety of their products such as carry –on, briefcases, backpacks and many other items from Tumi luggage.

Tumi luggage is also available on Amazon. Tumi luggage is also sold in over 200 stores in New York, Paris, London and Tokyo and other world’s top departments and specialty stores in more than 65 countries.

Tumi luggage is also found on eBay with the most competitive prices and with an easy way of shopping.

If interested, you simply have to type Tumi luggage into the search bar on any eBay, and you will be given over a hundred options.

You can narrow your options by including the features of the bag you want to get, the price range and the location you would with to get the luggage from.

Once you narrow down your options, you can click on the desired Tumi luggage and then see the customer requirements and payment.

Ensure you go for the high rated seller as this are the ones with some history on eBay and thus have built confidence with clients.

Tumi also gives room for their clients to connect with them online.

The client has to sign up using their email to

When signed up they are in a position to receive updates on special promotions, seasonal sales, new products arrival and anything else that is related to the company.

What Are Some of the Benefits Attributed To Tumi Luggage?

Most clients will go for products because of their known benefits. There is, therefore, need to look for the advantages of Tumi luggage as this will help the clients in decision making.

The following are the advantages:

  • Tumi has an open communication link where the customers can speak out their minds, give their views, make orders and view the latest products by just signing off to the company’s website.
  • Users are excited about being able to board the plane with only one piece of luggage.
  • The bags can fit clothes for up to one week as they have a great capacity
  • Other bags may be small enough thus suitable for international flights
  • For business people, they could easily just carry their computer backpack and leave the suitcase in a room or car.
  • Any customer will go for the most durable luggage brand. Most of the bags are well constructed thus can last for years.
  • Most of Tumi luggage are stylish and have a futuristic look
  • They have zippered compartments thus gives room for proper packaging

What the Cons of Tumi?

There is no perfect product. Having this in mind, it is important to make it clear to the clients on some of the issues they are likely to encounter when using Tumi luggage.

  • Most of the Tumi collections are a bit expensive.
  • Some of the bags do not have an outside slash pocket to stuff a newspaper, liquid containers, or receipts
  • Some of the materials are a bit abrasive.
  • Some of the bags cannot hold bulky items.
  • Tumi bags are hard to push along the carpet

Why Tumi Is Exceptional Luggage

Before settling on a product, it is very important to consider its key features as this will determine its ability to meet your needs.

Tumi has exceptional brands and thus it is important to know the features as this will help you detect the original Tumi luggage.

Tumi is noted for making luggage from ballistic nylon, a sturdy, thick, synthetic nylon fabric which was originally developed to make military jackets which guard against explosives.

This nylon is water resistant and abrasion-proof.

Tumi luggage has also gained its popularity because of its high-quality construction. This may include the state-of-the-art in-line wheels.

These wheels have sealed steel ball bearings which are mounted on solid steel axles in the custom-designed shock-absorbing bushing.

The tubing in Tumi’s telescoping handles is constructed with a patented closure method, and this greatly reduces the risk of damaging the zipper.

The panted Tumi Add-a-Bag system provides a hook with a secure fastened tab closure that gives room for carrying an excess of 2000 pounds.

Most Tumi luggage have a back sleeve that slips over the extended luggage handle thus making it possible to stack and carry heavier bags on Tumi wheeled luggage.

This feature makes it easy for the traveler to carry several bags and thus very useful for those traveling with multiple suitcases.

Most have Omega zipper puller, designed to break away from the bag if it’s becoming caught.

The puller can be easily replaced than replacing the entire zipper.

The internal compartments are also zipped, and this makes it easier to pack different items in different compartments without them mixing.

Tumi luggage has aircraft grade which is aluminum extension handle tubing. This makes the luggage lightweight and sturdy.

The most outstanding and important feature is the Tumi Tracer.

If you have ever handed an awful moment having lost your luggage then, you have an idea of how important Tumi Tracer can be.

Having considered the users, Tumi decided to create a luggage recovery plan of attack by putting a special metallic plate inside every piece that they sell.

This plate has twenty digits ID number which can be registered on Tumi website. While registering, you enter your contacts and in the event you lose your luggage Tumi will help you get it back.

It may be so easy for a thief to remove the luggage tag but it is a bit hard for them to remove the permanently fixed Tumi Tracer plate.

This plate has clear information including the hotline.

To sum up, choosing the best Tumi luggage makes all the difference.

Whether it is a long vacation, a secluded beach for self-relaxation, a lengthy city tour or a wilderness full of hiking and boating, the choice of the luggage is the basis of the definition of how fun your vacation will be.

Tumi had the welfare of the travelers and hence came with all the top-quality construction and style.


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