I love tote bags. They help you pack all the stuff you need. They aren’t exactly small so that you could only put in your mobile phone in it and aren’t too big too, so that you couldn’t carry them around with you. They are the perfect size – made for you – if that’s how you feel.

delsey tote bag

When I first bought myself a tote bag, I wasn’t looking for one. I stumbled across it, and while I did have to pay in a few hundred dollars, it’s been around five years with it, and I would love to have it with me for another five.

Tote bags are the reason women don’t carry five kinds of different handbags with them – they do the work of all of them. Plus they are the most convenient shopping bags on earth; along with being environment-friendly (they prevent use of plastic).

So you are sold out on the idea of getting a tote bag, but with the variety in sizes, how do you choose which one is best for you?

Is a Tote Bag Right For You?

How do you plan to use your tote bag? Do you want to take it to parties or to your office? Here is why you would find a tote bag right for you.


Tote bags are relatively large bags with a single or double handle that goes over the shoulder. A duffel bag is cylindrical in shape and traditionally has a drawstring closing over the top.


Tote bags make perfect day bags. They are very spacious and can accommodate all the things you might need in a day. A tote can also be used a laptop bag. It can easily fit in small to medium size laptops. Apart from that, it is often used as a shopping bag. This is quite an environmental friendly function, as this reduces the usage of plastic bags.


Tote bags come in a variety of materials, everything from canvas to denim to khadi. The cleaning procedure should be the way that particular kind of material is cleaned. Tote bags are meant for everyday usage and as such do not present too much of a maintenance challenge.

Suitable for

Tote bags are generally spotted with women, though some styles of totes have been explored for men too – but they are not very widely used. Tote bags are so popular with women because women tend to carry a lot of stuff with them – a bottle of water, a notebook laptop, maybe an umbrella, a bit of makeup and other things.

Tote bags can be chosen on the basis of what purpose you are mostly going to use it for. Here is a handy guide that tells you how to gauge which size is the best for you. Here, tote bags have been divided in the simplest way possible. Each size is accompanied by what can easily fit into that size of bag. Based on approximations of what all you carry, find out which tote bag size you need.

The small

How big: Hold up the corners of your father’s formal shirt – the space in the middle? That is the average size of a small tote bag.

Ideal for: College going people.

What to carry: Three or four books, a packet of crisps, random assortment of make-up.

The Medium

How big: Long enough from your armpit to your waist, when hung from the shoulder with the shoulder strap done up really short and tight.

Ideal for: Office-going women.

What to carry: Makeup kit, notebook laptop, laptop charger, a change of clothes for the evening, a clutch.

The Huge

How big: Imagine the biggest bag you can. That.

Ideal for: All the office stuff mentioned above plus a whole evening of shopping.

What to carry: As much as you can shop, notebook laptop, a bottle of water, food, make-up, wallet.

The Humongous

Get a duffel bag, seriously.

Best Travel Tote Bags You Can Find

You would find a host of popular companies offering tote bags. I like the Vera Bradley ones. You would also find ones from Tumi, Briggs, Riley and Delsey. Ikea, Everest and Gemline are some other popular brands.

Normally, they can cost you as less as $10. However, if you’re looking to buy a good one, be prepared to spend a couple hundred dollars. Designer tote bags cost a lot more. A Louis Vitton bag cat set you back by as much as $10,000.

#1 Top Pick: Delsey Montmartre+ Tote

delsey tote bag inside view

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2. BRIGGS AND RILEY TOTE – Great for travel

Briggs & Riley Large Tote

Check Briggs & Riley Tote Prices

I recently reviewed the Briggs and Riley Baseline Tote to use for carry-on luggage in a long 8 hour flight. In terms of practicability, this tote hits the spot. It is large and yet light-weight, making it easy to carry around. The wide bottom gives it stability when kept down vertically, and the many pockets make it ideal for air travel.

Briggs & Riley Large Tote top view

I could easily fit my important documents, my laptop and even a novel into it! I’m looking forward to trying out other Briggs and Riley items; they use excellent quality material and skillful craftsmanship.

3. DELSEY TOTE BAG – Great as Carry on Luggage

Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote

Check Delsey Tote Bag Prices

Delsey totes tend to be very easy to carry and perfect for hauling around a load of carry-on luggage, a feature that is especially noteworthy to someone who travels with young, perpetually-hungry kids who always want a distraction in the form of a toy.

Delsey Quilted Tote top view

The specialty of this particular tote, however, is that you can fill it up as much as you want; you never have to carry it! In long journeys, it is compact enough to stow comfortably under one’s seats. No more back aches for me.

4. K. SLADE TOTE – The spacious bag

This brand has impressed me with how spacious and durable its bags are. While maintaining a design that is pleasing to the eye, these natural leather totes are just what you need to keep all your necessities close. The Indigo Ikat tote was worth every penny; the handwoven ikat fabric along with the contrasting natural leather made a graceful pair.

I was able to suitably organize my luggage too – the three inner pockets and roomy interior comes in very handy in this regard. The handles are smooth and well-balanced, allowing the bag to be carried with ease. I would certainly recommend this product and brand.

5. TUMI TOTE – Pockets galore

Tumi Voyageur Q-Tote

Check Tumi Tote Prices

I could not be any happier with the Tumi Voyageur Q-Tote. Having ordered it online, I was a bit skeptical about how this bag would suit my requirements, but it met the mark splendidly. Chic, elegant and sophisticated, this tote is the perfect style statement.

Tumi Voyageur Q-Tote inside view

All the Tumi products which I own have a very fashionable look while still being ideal for traveling; the Q-Tote is probably my favorite of the lot. I am in love with the leather trim and carry handles. The interior design is ingenious with separate pockets for phones and pens, zipper compartments, external slip pockets and a zipper that facilitates an over-the-handle hold for carrying the tote on a suitcase.

6. WESTCOTT TOTE – A Look You’ll Fall For

I’d been on the lookout for a long time for a good quality, non-leather tote. This was an item that eluded me until I discovered Westcott – a line of beautifully designed vegan handbags. My Gogo tote is made entirely of lightweight cotton and linen, and yet boasts of a very strong and hard-wearing canvas.

The rich gold coating, striped piping and matching gold top work lend it a classy look. It is just what I needed for a business trip, perfect to stow away all your valuables and essentials during the journey. Westcott has certainly proven itself worthy of my admiration.

Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256 Review

Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256

It is supposed to be an enjoyable time when taking trips out of town. The last thing on your mind should involve worrying about luggage. I have taken my luggage for granted that it would hold all of my items that I needed. Also, that it would maintain its durability while I am busily walking and tugging on it. Unfortunately, my previous luggage has let me down during my hustle and bustle through airports and streets. My last experience traveling for a business trip was a horrible experience concerning my luggage. My flight was delayed, which put me running to get where I needed to be and I was pulling my luggage behind me. The next thing I knew my luggage felt lighter that it had minutes before. I turned around to find a trail of my items scattered all over the sidewalk. I was humiliated as people walked passed me and laughed. It took several minutes to gather up my items that I would not want the whole world to see and stuff them back into my bag. The zipper had busted clear down the seam of my luggage. There was no fixing it unless I wanted to replace the whole zipper, and I had no time for this. I had to bear hug my luggage and be careful that nothing else came spewing back out.

Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256 side view

This had been the reason for my new mission of finding a durable bag made of good quality. I was not going to experience that again because I was horrified. The luggage I am searching for has to be made good enough to not let me down and be able to handle my busy schedule. I have found a luggage bag that is made for tough traveling and any type of weather conditions. It is constructed of durable nylon and is expandable for more packing space. The review of the stability of this piece of luggage will hold up for all of my travel needs. No matter if the terrain is rough or if it is a smooth journey; this bag seems to be able to handle it.

It is designed to hold all the things I need without being weighed down and bulky. The weight of this bag is a little over two pounds. Being able to use the lightweight luggage will help me move quickly on foot to and from my locations. The zipper is made of Racquet Coil and it is constructed to be extremely durable. The quality of the zipper is a feature that I am looking for considering the luck that I have had with luggage zippers. This luggage bag has a locking feature and is self-repairing. No matter how much wear that I put on the luggage the zipper will stay in tacked. I can carry it or drag it behind me without worrying about losing my items that I have packed inside. The main storage area has a lockable feature. When I am on the move I can lock it to have a double safety that my items will stay inside the luggage and not be able to fall out.

Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256 open view

The inside lining of the luggage has a light color which is designed to help locate items faster. This is a nice feature and would save me time digging through my luggage to find one item. I would be able to see the location of the item and retrieve it quickly without disturbing the rest of my packed items. The outside of the luggage has a quality water repellent feature that will keep my luggage from being soaked by rain or puddles. The color will also stay looking new because is made to not fade or run when it gets wet.

I would not have to worry about this luggage bag looking old from wear and tear because it is equipped with a self-healing technique. It protects against scratches and abrasions that would normally make it look hideous after the first couple uses. This luggage will allow me to be rough on it which is my norm; and not look like it was put through a rough time. After reviewing this product, it would be a good fit for me. All the qualities and durability that it entails, will help my travels become more enjoyable. This piece of large Weekender luggage is on my top list of new luggage to purchase for my next trip.

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Delsey Montmartre+ Travel Tote – One of the Best Totes

delsey tote bag

If you are a traveler, whether it be for business, vacation, or other types of trips, then it is always easier if you purchase a tote bag for yourself that you are able to carry during your travels. Carrying a tote bag is beneficial for the individual traveling because it is able to hold all of the necessary items that they are needing to have access to at any point in time during their travels. Items such as wallets, cell phones, tablets, medicines, hats, and any other type of personal item that you are wanting to keep on you at all times. Tote bags are wonderful accessories to had to any type of traveling. However, there is one tote bag that so many individuals have fallen in love with for its specific and unique design. The Montmartre tote bag is the best tote bag on the market that anyone can purchase and benefit from. It has been highly recommended by individuals who have had the pleasure of using one, and it is one of the highest rated tote bags that anyone can purchase.

delsey tote bag inside view

This Delsey Montmartre+ tote bag is well known for its French sophistication. It is a tote bag that is considered fancy and a must have item. It was created and designed with faux leather, and the interior of the tote bag has a very deluxe and soft-touch to it. This is what makes this tote bag the perfect stylish bag to use for your journey’s. It was created and designed with a multiple amount of pockets to hold all of the small, yet necessary, items that you are needing to take with you. It has also been specifically designed with an electronics sleeve, so that you are able to keep your laptop computer safe from any type of damage that can occur to it, and it also makes it very easy to stay connected while you are on the go. All of the convenient pockets that the MONTMARTRE personal tote bag has come equipped with, are able to hold items such as your sunglasses or even a bottle of water, and any other type of smaller items that you are needing to keep stored, safe, and ready for you to achieve them at any time you may need.

delsey tote bag

When I first heard about this bag, I knew that I wanted it, however, I wanted to make sure and check to see what kind of ratings it received before I did. I am so glad that I looked this item up, because ever since I bought this tote bag, I have been 100% satisfied with it and I continue to use it for every single flight that I fly out on. There are so many ways to use this bag when you are traveling whether it is for business, vacation, family trips, and even just a weekend trip. It doesn’t matter what you use it for, it will be highly convenient for you to use. There are several beneficial aspects to this tote bag and they include that it is easy to carry with you and to access your items, it is very easy to identify, it is very stylish and lightweight for traveling, has a great capacity, incredibly easy to clean, and has the highest amount of quality.

Therefore, if you are looking for the highest quality when it comes to personal tote bags, then the Montmartre+ tote bag is the option that you should make. It will keep all of your personal items safe and sound, it is an incredibly stylish design to carry around with you, has so much room in it so you are able to store as much as you can, if it becomes dirty, it isn’t hard to clean, and it is the highest quality of tote bags that you are able to purchase. So, if you are looking for a tote bag that will be able to bring everything that has been listed here, then it is time to find a Delsey tote bag and make the transition to it, so that you are able to receive the best quality, with the highest recommendation, for this personal tote bag that you are needing for your travels.

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