Tumi Alpha Bravo Henderson Luggage Review

Looking for Tumi quality in a stylish checked bag? The Bravo Henderson comes in 3 patterns, including the very popular Blue Geo Print.


Tumi Bravo Henderson Construction

This Tumi bag measures 26″ high x 15″ wide and is expandable. Trust us, it has PLENTY of space even for the inner hoarder that lives in all of us. Much like other Tumi bags, the Henderson is made of 100% Ballistic Nylon with Polyester lining. This is a sturdy bag, which is what we and most people have come to expect from such a great luggage brand like Tumi.

Zipper Quality

One of the most vital parts of any luggage is the zipper. Again, this a Tumi so I probably could have skipped over this part completely! Tumi, along with other top notch luggage designer brands, uses the best zipper technology. This insures there will be no breaks, even when it is a tight squeeze.


Tumi Bravo Henderson Wheels

This piece of luggage has super high quality spinner wheels, which are the preferred type these days by most customers. They allow you to stand your Henderson upright and wheel it right along you.

Tumi Tracer Tag

Even though many of us never have to deal with lost luggage, those of us who travel all the time know how much of a pain it is when it happens. Tumi Tracer uses a 20 digit tracer number which allows you to track your luggage down at whichever airport it may be. People can call the 800 number and you will get notified where your luggage is.

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What is the Best Luggage Scale?

luggage scales

In today’s transport industry, especially in the aviation sector, the players are coming up with restrictions on the amount of luggage one should bring on board when traveling. Over half of the world’s major airlines have increased their baggage fees to tame their customers from carrying too many items on travel. Imagine how frustrating it is to find your air ticket with check-in fees for not abiding by the weight restrictions of the given airline.

Surprisingly, not many travelers are aware of the weight limits, with the airlines working tirelessly to keep their clients in the dark regarding such travel restrictions. It is, therefore, important to monitor the weight of the luggage you drag along to a given journey to avoid such extra charges. For a frequent traveler, a digital luggage scale comes in handy hence saving you the blushes in a busy airport.

Most airlines have pegged their weight restrictions at between 15 pounds and 50 pounds. Your luggage scale, an accurate easy to handle device can help you stick to the acceptable weight limits. Some general knowledge would help you plan your travel and even save you time at the airport. Investing in a luggage scale will go a long way to helping you with your travels in the following ways:

  • Measure your luggage before flying to beat the airport scales that can at times be inaccurate while also saving you the stress that comes with maneuvering around airport aisles.
  • A perfect luggage scale is usable on anything you can pick by your hand, for example, your backpack before you go on a trail.
  • A bicyclist can use the electronic luggage scale to measure their bicycle’s weight before going for a race.
  • The portable scale can gauge the weight of your fish, when on a fishing expedition.

A digital luggage scale is better than the floor scales most families us to weigh their luggage before travel. It helps households avoid carrying unnecessary luggage, ensuring you only bring along less but helpful staff for your next trip, lessening your impact on the environment. Below are some of the best luggage scales in the market today.

Camry 110 Lbs. Luggage Scale

Camry luggage scale is a smooth, lightweight digital scale that measures anything up to the weight of 110 pounds or 50 kilos. At only 3.2 oz., Camry is designed from stainless steel and plastics, ensuring that it is a durable device for frequent travelers. Camry is one of the easiest devices to store meaning that it is carried around conveniently.

It has a rubber paint handle, hence offering one of the most comfortable and sturdy grips in the first place. You can measure your luggage conveniently, anywhere and when required using this device thanks to the zero and tare function high precision weight sensors.

It offers one of the most reliable and accurate readings through its 1.4″ LCD. Two simple buttons control it. It zero reading is 0.1 lb. A 3-volt cr2032 lithium battery powers Camry’s display. To prevent overloading and use of a little battery power on the scale, Camry comes with an overload and low battery indicator. It has a 2-minute automatic shut-off feature.

The Camry luggage scale is an easy-to-use device. You only have to unravel the black strap, and then remove the plastic battery stop. Proceed to slip the handle or size strap then clip back over the triangle ring. Power on the device, and wait for about two seconds for the zero read. Lift the luggage and hold the device, until the display flashes thrice. You now have the exact weight of your baggage.

Camry scale comes with extra features to enhance its usability. There is the temperature display, for Fahreints and Celsius, which works hand in hand with a built in portable travel thermometer. A Camry’s scale manual is always there to guide users on how to use the device.

Camry’s scale is one of the cheapest scales in the market, going for USD 8. It is a must-have gadget for frequent travelers, assuring them of money back guarantee.

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale

EatSmart Precision scale offers on of the practical solutions when it comes to measuring your baggage to abide by airline luggage restrictions. The device comes with a two handed Smart Grip design, to ensure that you can lift the heaviest bags off the ground easily. It supports a weight capacity of 110 lbs. or 50 kilos, with a graduation of 0.1 pounds.

It comes with an easy to read large backlit LCD, conveniently placed on top of the scale’s handle. The display offers an easy reading as it is placed directly in the line of your sight hen lifting the bag. An extended life battery perfectly fits into the scale’s solid body offering an overall sleek design in the end.

The EatSmart device is easy to use. Push the ON/OFF button to reset the gadget to zero reading. Proceed to attaching the suitcase to the strap of the scale. Lift the bag off the ground by holding the scale with both hands. Take the reading on the LCD digital display.

One perfect thing about this scale is that it offers on of the most accurate readings, in the first place. Most customers have liked the device, as it is most likely going to provide 0.1-kilo error with the airport scale. It goes a long way into saving the traveler from the hefty overweight baggage fees. EatSmart scale carries with it satisfaction guarantee from its maker and it goes for USD 13.

Digital Luggage Scale Dunheger 110 Lb.

When it comes to convenience and practicality, Digital Luggage Scale Dunheger is your to-go-to device. It is the scale’s recognized as the 2016 Official Golden Globe Awards Celebrity Gift Bag. It doubles up both as home and commercial business scale thanks to its sturdy construction with only a weight of 4.8 ounces.

It has a large backlit LCD digital screen that offers a bright display when it comes to taking the weight of the packages the scale weighs. It has two buttons; power on/off button and the other one used for switching in between pounds and kilos, before taking the weight of your suitcases. The display automatically powers off after a minute, saving your gadget from battery drain in the end. It perfectly fits in the palm, offering a good grip when needed to lift a heavy baggage.

You will enjoy an accurate and precise measurement of suitcases of up to 110 lbs. Additionally, there will be a quick reading on the weights of theses bags, in pounds and kilos, thanks to the easy display. It comes with an auto pressure lock and sound indicator to alert the owner when to take the weight of the bag. After this, you can easily tuck it in back into your suitcase then hit the road.

Some of the extras travel accessories Dunheger comes with include; an e-guide which offer great travel tips and tricks, a carrying pouch to help you store your digital scale, a beautiful gift box and a pair of AAA batteries, to save you additional purchase. For USD 12.99, you got this device in your hands hence enjoy years of service in the end.

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

If you are after getting high accuracy readings for your heavy baggage, then Etekcity is here for you. With a capacity of 110 lbs. and a precision accuracy of 0.1 lbs., you will be sure of beating the extra charges that come with carrying excess weight to your cruise or flight. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable digital scales on the market, assuring you of longevity, thanks to its sturdy construction in the first place.

For natural lift and sturdy grip, rubber paint technology is used to design the scale. There is also a utilized textured handgrip and a strap where you hang your baggage. Etekcity Digital weighing scale allows travelers to measure their suitcases’ weight anywhere at any time, hence the scale’s convenience.

You need not strain when using this device. Simply hook your baggage onto the durable steel hook, and in a matter of seconds, the LCD digital display will give the results. You can also us the tare feature, which allows travelers to easily measure the weight of the individual object as they embark on packing items into their or bag packs.

Etekcity Digital scale comes with a thermometer, capable of taking temperatures in both Fahreints and Celsius. It allows you to access the current temperature readings in the luggage to help in the preservation of delicate items like souvenirs from extreme temperatures.

After using this gadget, only turn it off; slide it into one of the small pockets in your luggage. With a total weight of 0.8 ounces, you are sure of not adding any extra weight to your suitcase. It makes it a perfect itinerary for any traveler, not mentioning that it only cost USD 7.99 to have your hands on this durable and heavy-duty scale.

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

Traveling is easy and convenient thanks to this new fashionable stainless steel scale. It is one of the lightest, accurate and reliable gadgets in the travel industry. It has a small weight of 3.3 oz and goes a long way into saving you the sting of extra weight charges before your cruise.

It has an easy to read LCD digital display, saving you the strain that comes with getting the readings. However, it lacks a backlight screen, which is a crucial feature in the first place. Only lock the suitcase to the strap, weight for a few seconds for the bag to be stable, while the scale captures the weight of the bag. If the packet exceeds the allowable weight limit, a capacity overload indicator will blink.

Tarriss Jetsetter ensures that travelers are not let down by dying batteries. There is a low battery indicator to alert owners when the device needs new batteries. However, the batteries for this magnitude are the CR2032, which are expensive and sometimes hard to find, unlike the two AAA batteries. Tarriss scale comes with a lifetime warranty, and the batteries are covered here, so be sure of using the batteries for long.

Tarriss Luggage Scales come with a link inside their packaging, where travelers can download a PDF on travel tricks and tips. At 4 ounces, storage of the Tarriss Luggage Scale is not an issue, and it goes for USD 16.97.

Loop 3-in-1 Digital Luggage Scale with Powerbank

With Loop 3-in-2 Digital Luggage Scale, you are sure of getting a great deal, as you enjoy a wide array of products in just one gadget. First, there are the highly accurate scale thanks to the high precision sensor. You will accurately weigh your entire luggage in pounds and kilos and still enjoy an overload protection on bags exceeding 110 lbs. There is also the auto off feature, hold and low battery indicator, a big backlight LCD screen, an intuitive two-button design and ergonomic handle for easy handling.

Secondly, a power bank will help you recharge your smartphone on the move. The power bank, controlled by a premium power cell uses a smart charge chip.

Finally yet importantly, LED flashlight and a thermometer all charged by the rechargeable power bank. For USD 16.95, you will be sure of having the Loop 3-in-1 luggage scale in your possession.

In conclusion, while light packing helps you be green since the transporting vessels will use less fuel when moving your baggage from one place to another. It is also important as a traveler you make an effort of avoiding surprises and embarrassments or repacking in public, especially if you cannot meet the extra weight charges. A luggage scale will help you meet the stringent weight restrictions imposed by major airlines, while also saving you the strain that comes with dragging your suitcases in airports or stations. Therefore, when buying a luggage scale, understand your travel needs, the additional features that the devices come with and the overall longevity of these delicate gadgets. A portable digital scale mainly encourages frequent travelers to pack less hence preserve the environment.

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Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack Review

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack top view

There are many backpacks out there for anyone to purchase, however, there are only a few types of backpacks that look professional and offer high quality that they come equipped with. The Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack is one of the best packs that are in the backpack market for any individual to purchase. It has a unique and professional design to the bag that makes it perfect for school, commuting, business, as well as travel. It has a very tall and roomy main compartment, and it was also designed with a separate compartment so that the user can store papers, files, or any other type of paper work that they are in need of carrying with them. It also has organizer pockets in it so that the user can make sure that they have everything properly stored inside of it and organized perfectly. It is also able to hold a tablet and a laptop with a specifically dedicated space inside of it. When I first found the Alpha Bravo, I was shocked at how amazing this product actually was. It was every business and school person dream backpack for them to have possession of, and he design gave it such a beautiful, elegant, sophisticate, and professional look to it, that it when I looked at it I didn’t even get a backpack vibe to it. It was more of a professional looking bag. I loved it.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack back view

I was so compelled by the design of the backpack that I looked further into the features and specifications that it came equipped with and was surprised at all of the amazing things I found. This backpack is 16″ high and 14″ wide, it only weighs 2.9 lbs., it has an iPad pocket, 2 business card slots, a laptop compartment, 1 open compartment, 2 media pockets, and 1 zip pocket. It has many exterior features to this backpack as well and they include a zip entry to the main compartments of the bag, and add-a-bag sleeve, webbing top carry handles with leather accent, side zipped pockets, and a quick access back pocket with magnetic snaps that are hidden. All of this included definitely does not give this bag the ordinary backpack feel to it. It has so many of these beneficial aspects to it, that it is an item that is a “must-have” when you are the type of individual who is in need of a backpack such as this Tumi Backpack.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack

There have been so many customers who have raved on and on about how perfect the backpack was for them whenever they were traveling or in school, and it was specifically beneficial when they were needing to use the restroom because they were able to take it inside with them with ease because it is so small. I read on to many other customer reviews and they all were positive and stated that they made the perfect decision by purchasing this bag. They said it was easy to access any items that they had inside of it, it had a very large capacity within it, the size of it is small and very easy to carry around, stylish design, and it was created with the highest of quality. With all of these amazing reviews, I knew that this Tumi backpack was the best choice that me, or anyone for that matter, could make. All of these incredible features that it comes equipped with is more than anyone could pass up, and I definitely didn’t want to be one of those who did pass it up. I found that I was very interested in the backpack that was going to be easy to travel with, has a beautiful design, is able to carry so many items that I need to have accessible to me, and to make my traveling, or any other affairs, so much easier to deal with.

In conclusion, when it comes to backpacks, there isn’t one out there that even compares to the Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox. I knew right away that this was the perfect backpack for me to purchase. I couldn’t believe the amazing features that came with this back, how easy it was to use and to carry around with me, and the many positive customer reviews that came along with it as well. The Tumi Alpha Bravo, I have decided, that it is the best pack in the backpack market.

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Tumi Alpha 2 Checked Bag – Simply The Best Luggage

tumi alpha 2 front view

tumi alpha 2 checked bag

Last year when I was planning my trip to Scotland, I realized I needed to purchase a new luggage. I really needed a large checked baggage suitcase because I was staying for two weeks. After looking around, I came across a few Tumi Alpha 2 checked bags. These bags were high-end and they had plenty of room for all my items. But since there were several different models to choose from I had to make a decision. I compared and contrasted each of the bags in this category to find out which was best for my needs. It is important to note that the main difference between all 4 is simply the size, so i will be posting different views as well. Below you will see my findings and a little more about each of these models.

Short Trip (Expandable)

tumi alpha 2 open view

If you are planning on taking a short trip that only lasts a few days, then this is the best model for you. This very tough packing case is large enough to carry a few sets of clothing but won’t weigh you down. In fact, this model only weighs just over 14 pounds which will allow just about anyone to carry it with ease. The standard 3-stage telescoping handle and 4 recessed swivel wheels that you get with all of this models come standard with the short trip unit. Top and bottom grab handles allow you to carry this model in any position that feels best for you. The handles also make it easy to raise the case above your head in case you need to store it. A mesh zip pocket combined with a passport pocket will give you plenty of room for all your small items and electronics. This will keep them safe while you are on the go. Check Price on Short Trip Model.

Medium Trip (Expandable)

tumi alpha 2 open view with suit hanger

Another great checked baggage suitcase, this medium sized model is perfect for those who take a trip that is less than seven days long. Lightweight, this packing case weighs in at only 17.2 pounds. This is great for those who like to travel light. As with all of these models, this unit comes with a 3-stage telescoping handle and 4 recessed swivel wheels that will help get you around quickly. A lever lock two stage expansion system helps keep the case shut even during rough handling. This is very important if you are planning to take a trip outside of the country. Check Price on Medium Trip Model.

Extended Trip (Expandable)

tumi alpha 2 front and side view

This highly durable checked baggage suitcase has plenty of room for those looking to take a week-long trip. It has plenty of room for clothing, a laptop and everything you need to live comfortably while on the road. I really liked the removable reinforced garment section which makes packing my clothing neatly and very easy. This case also comes with a passport pocket which is great for keeping your documents. The 3-stage telescoping handle will allow users to easily pull the case around the airport, and the 4 recessed swivel wheels that come standard with these models aids in getting around as well. Check Price on Extended Trip Model.

Worldwide Trip (Expandable)

tumi alpha 2 side view

This is by far the largest of all cases in this collection. The worldwide model has the ability to carry several weeks of clothing with ease. It has all the standards that the other cases have but it is super-sized to meet a busy traveler’s needs. This advanced model also comes with an additional front pocket that will allow you to carry even more items while on the go. Another feature that drew me to this model was the X-Brace45® telescoping handle system that makes pulling this case super easy. Not many cases can compare to the quality and durability of this case. If you are traveling for more than a week, this case is a sure must have. Check Price on Worldwide Trip Model.

Which One Did I choose?

tumi alpha 2 front view

Because of the length of my trip, I decided to purchase the worldwide model so that I would be sure that I have plenty of room for my stuff. I also wanted to bring back some souvenirs for my friends. I found that all of these models are well worth the money and would be a joy to own. In the future, I plan on purchasing at least one more of these to add to my luggage collection. So if you are looking for amazingly durable luggage that will last a lifetime, these will get the job done perfectly.

Check out our review of the best Tumi Luggage here.

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Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Expandable Spinner Carry On

Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Expandable

Anyone can find so many different types of luggage traveling bags in stores and on the Internet. However, most of these are cheap, cheaply made, and do not guarantee that the items within them will be protected and safe. That is why I decided to figure out which type of luggage would be the best to choose from and with the highest of quality. The search for these specific types of bags were not hard to find once I started reading the reviews on each item. That was when I started reading about the Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Carry On bag. This carry on bag has been rated for the highest of quality, and has definitely passed the tests of the customers. It is created with a pinnacle of design innovation, functionality, engineering, and performance. This Alpha 2 has stood by the commitment to making the absolute best and better that they are able to design and produce. They have engineered a luggage bag with over 30 design improvements to make this carry on bag the absolute best in the market.

Once I began reading more and more into the information about the Tumi Alpha 2 carry on bag, I found out that it had a lot of features and aspects that it came equipped with, and all of them are the reasons as to why this carry on bag is of top quality and performance. It is imported and made of 100% Ballistic Nylon, with a zipper closure, textile lining, it is 21.5″ high from the ground up, a few front zip pockets, 4 recessed swivel wheels, top and bottom grab handles, tie down straps, and pockets that are able to hold tickets, and an individuals passport. All of these features that it comes equipped with are what give this carry on bag the good name that it has developed. I couldn’t believe how amazing this carry on bag was when I first started reading into it, and how tempting it was for me to want to purchase it. The Tumi Alpha company specifically designed these collection of cases to be lighter, stronger, and offering an increased packing capacity, smarter functionality, sleeker profiles, and easier maneuverability. This unique carry on bag has been designed with the highest quality in luggage bags, and this is what makes them as popular as they are.

There were so many different reviews about the Tumi Alpha 2 Continental expandable bag, and all of them had so many positive things to say about this piece of luggage that made me feel compelled to purchase one for myself. There were so many satisfied customers that claimed that whenever they were rolling the luggage bag while they walked, that they hear nothing but silence. The wheels were designed in a unique way that they were very smooth, therefore, no sound comes off of them as they are being rolled across the floor. Many have said that all of the compartments, inside of this carry on, performed very well, turning this bag is effortless, the telescopic handle lifts easily and then locks into place, the zippers functioned better than anyone would imagine, and it moves so easy and is much lighter than anyone of them would have expected. This carry on bag has even been said to be very elegant and professional in appearance, and that the quality of the build is absolutely perfect. Overall, this bag is designed with finest functionality and quality that nobody would be able to find anywhere else in a luggage bag.

In conclusion, there are so many positive comments that have been made towards the Alpha 2 Continental expandable bag that it is almost impossible to pass up. With all of the incredible features that it comes equipped with, and the beneficial handles and room that it offers, I knew it wasn’t anything that I could pass up. This luggage is top notch when it comes to the overall market. With so many beneficial bags that are available to purchase, and with this carry on bag having so many good reviews for it, it makes it clear that this bag was designed for quality and functionality so that traveling individuals would be able to have the best bag available to them.

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Osprey Farpoint 70 Travel Backpack Review

Osprey Packs Farpoint 70 Backpack

If you are an individual who is looking and searching for a travel bag that offers comfort, as well as convenience, then the Osprey Farpoint 70 Travel Backpack is the way to go. This backpack offers all of the necessary essential features for any type of adventurous travels, and without having to break the bank or lose money on it. If you are a camper, like myself, then with the Osprey Backpack you are able to your camping gear, your clothes for the trip, and a lot more hosts of items for your trip. Whether you are simply trekking through the woods, or you are exploring major cities from around the world, this pack is incredibly comfortable and easy to carry on your back. If you are using this backpack as a bag that you are wanting to take into the airport to travel with and use as a suitcase, all you have to do is to unzip the extender part of the backpack to give it a bigger size with more room available. You will be able to store it in the panel slot in the bag’s suspension system. This backpack is a very unique and beneficial bag to have whenever an individual is traveling far distances.

After I had read so many reviews about the Osprey Farpoint 70, and all of them were positive and reassuring that this backpack was the top of the market. It comes with a good amount of features that help give it the positive reviews that it has received. Features such as carry handles that are on the top and the sides of the backpack, it has a panel zip main compartment with pulls that are lockable, it has a straight-jacket compression, it has a removable day pack that un-attaches, points for gear attachment, and the entire backpack only weighs about 2 lbs. One of the other few features that it has, has become a favorite among many of the customers who purchased it, and it is the fact that this backpack also offers several other types of straps for carrying extra gear, it has dual loops for an ice axe, removable straps for a sleeping pad, and the multiple amounts for gear attachment. There are so many attachments and features that come with the Osprey Farpoint Backpack, that I had to look into it more, because I was very interested in purchasing it.

I researched further into the Osprey Backpack and I am very glad that I did. With the several good points that many customers have pointed out in their reviews, I couldn’t help but take it into consideration as an item that I was interested in buying. The fact that it was able to fit so many things was of big interest of me, because I have been looking for an item just like this that I would be able to take with me during my very long trips through different countries and places. It has the ability to hold so much of my gear equipment, very easy to carry, and with me being able to detach the daypack part of it was an incredibly beneficial aspect of the Osprey Backpack. I don’t think that there is another pack out there that is able to stand up to the Osprey Farpoint 70 Backpack, and I am ready to make it an addition to my journeying lifestyle.

In conclusion, there have been so many different reviews about how the customers who have purchased this backpack, have absolutely “loved” every part of it. All of the straps on this backpack are very easy to use and easily adjustable. The Osprey Backpack is small, yet with enough room and areas to be able to carry along all of the equipment that I need, so when I am ready to take my planned weeks of backpacking through beautiful countries, I will be relieved to know that I will be able to carry everything with me that I need to. It is also the perfect pack for adventurous traveling as well. Whenever I am ready to go trekking through the beautiful wilderness, I take comfort in knowing that I am able to bring the important things with me, such as water, food, gear, and any other important necessity, and not have to worry about it not being able to hold all of those things.

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Briggs & Riley Baseline (UWD129) Duffel Bag Review

Briggs & Riley Baseline Duffel Bag UWD129 open view

Briggs & Riley Baseline Duffel Bag UWD129 open view

Sooner or later, everybody makes the decision to travel for one reason or another. Sometimes, even traveling for fun can seem like something of a chore, especially when it comes to packing and unpacking. If you are like most people, you probably don’t want to have a ton of bags that you have to cart around with you everywhere you go. It is much easier to pack only one or two bags and travel light than it is to deal with an entire group of bags, such that you can scarcely even remember what you packed where. If you really want something that will work well for you for a family getaway or an individual trip that lasts for several days, consider the large upright baseline duffel bag from Briggs and Riley. If you look on the website, you will see a number that says UWD129. This is a mid-sized duffel bag that is upright, has wheels and a sturdy handle, and is capable of performing like a much larger bag while still giving you the comfort and convenience of a duffel.

The Details

Briggs & Riley Baseline Duffel Bag UWD129 alternate open view

This bag is smaller than some other duffel bags, at 29 inches high, 18 inches wide and 16.5 inches deep. With that being said, it is plenty big enough to accommodate most individuals. It weighs only 11 pounds empty so you won’t have to worry about lugging around something that almost weighs more than you do, either. This is especially true when you consider the fact that the in-line wheels are designed specifically to make the bag easy to roll along and the heavy duty handle has four different positions that you can set it to, making it comfortable for people of all different heights. One thing is certain, this is a bag that is built to handle being tossed around and it just keeps coming back for more, time and time again.

Packing Made Easy

Packing will probably never be at the top of most people’s list of fun things to do and unpacking is even more of a pain, but if you have to do it, you might as well make it easy on yourself. You can do exactly that with this particular duffel bag. It has two different sections, the large duffel space and a separate flat packing section that is four inches high. You can choose to use the bag as a single section or to separate these two out with specially designed zippers. This gives you the ultimate level of control and also ensures that your clothes don’t get wrinkled like they might with a more traditional duffel bag. The main section hold garments in place securely and even provides you with two additional and equally secure mesh pockets for smaller items.

Designed to Last

This is a bag that is designed to last. The exterior is specially designed to resist wear and tear, even if you or someone else fails to be as careful as you probably should be with it. Better yet, your personal information stays secure with the bag’s specially hidden ID tag. It truly is a duffel bag that provides the maximum amount of versatility, even under harsh punishment. It also maintains its shape whether you use it a few times a year or you find yourself packing it on a weekly basis. Zippers are secure and easy to operate and the entire bag as a whole is both durable and comfortable to use our regular basis.


If you really want a duffel bag that is capable of performing at the highest levels, you should seriously consider the large upright duffel from Briggs and Riley. This is probably unlike any duffel bag that you have ever used in the past. The thing is, once you start using it, it will also become the bag that you hold as your new standard and compare everything else to. Don’t be surprised if nothing else really measures up. This is something that is designed to make traveling easier for you and it does exactly that. If you want to travel light and you are tired of dealing with products that have inferior quality or simply don’t have enough space, this is something that removes all of those problems and makes traveling easier than it has ever been in the past.

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Briggs & Riley Torq Large Spinner QU130SP Review

Briggs & Riley Torq Spinner QU130SP front view

When shopping for luggage to take on a vacation or trip should be painless. In the past when I have bought luggage and bags to travel I would grab the cutest one and purchase it. I have found from past experience that this is not the best idea. Often times the cutest luggage is not the most durable. Usually, I buy luggage at least twice a year because it falls apart and breaks down on me when I am in the middle of a trip. I decided that the next trip I take will include a sturdy piece of luggage that will not let me down at the worst time. To begin my luggage reviews I knew I had to find something that was made to last. I wanted something that would not only meet my packing needs, but withstand that roughness of my journeys. Unfortunately, I am very hard on my luggage which may have caused it to fall apart so quickly. I needed something that would not only withstand me, but also withstand mother nature as well. Another issue I kept running into when I bought the cute luggage was not having enough room for all of my stuff. Once all my stuff was in the bag I needed it to be light weight instead of outweighing me. It is hard to handle a piece of luggage that I could barely pick up or pull behind me. Instead of focusing on my itinerary once I landed, I was worrying about my luggage.

Briggs & Riley Torq Spinner QU130SP open view

The quality luggage that I located was the Torq QU13OSP. It has several durable features that were very impressive and caught my attention. The zipper was ergonomic and self-repairing with a double zipper feature that locks in place. That kind of zipper will not only let me secure the bag but will allow me to fill it to the max. It is made of Makrolon three-layer fiber that will give sustainable support and stability. This type of material is resilient and heightened the durability of the luggage. It will withstand any type of weather or hard terrain that I would be putting it through.

This luggage has a hard shell casing on the outside of it. It is designed to protect the items inside the bag with the hard shell. The outer hard cover has a large size compartment for maximum storage of all the extra’s needed for my trips. It has many compartments for storage and significant organization. I could use this for many of my items that I need every day. They would be easier to find and keep separated from my main luggage items. The locking mechanism on the luggage bag will safely secure all my personal belonging and ensure that nothing is easily taken. I like this feature because I normally have expensive electronics with me that I need for business and it would nice to know they are safely locked up. A lock feature would be a wonderful advantage when I am on a plane, or waiting for a cab. I could turn my back away from my luggage and not worry about someone trying to steal anything out of it.

The luggage will conveniently hold a week’s worth of items for my next trip. That is great to consider because I would not have to sort through what I must take and what I will have to live without while I am away. I can take all of the items that I want without scarifying for my inconvenient luggage. Weight is another nice feature that this piece of luggage has. It is only approximately 13 pounds of weight. I can fill it full of my essentials and still be able to maintain the bag without help. It will be easy to carry or pull behind me without running out of breath. Instead of worrying about my luggage, I could focus on the main reasons I am on my trip, to begin with. After admiring the quality, durability, and stability of this luggage, it seems to be a good match for me. I am considering this type of luggage for my next journey, and will no longer feel agitated when I have to travel. The Briggs & Riley Torq is on the top of my list for purchase because of the positive features it comes with.

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Briggs & Riley Sympatico Large Spinner SU130SP Review

Trying to find the right suitcase can be extremely difficult, especially if you are looking for something that you can use as a checked bag and you don’t want a lot of hassle. Of course, the way airlines operate has made everything more difficult when it comes to traveling and the last thing that you need is to deal with even more problems because of the bag you are carrying. Fortunately, there are a few bags available on the market that make things as easy as possible, even in the face of dealing with the TSA and the long lines that go with it. One of the most impressive bags to come along in quite a while is a large spinner called the Sympatico SU130SP. It is made by Briggs & Riley and you can tell that it is made with quality in mind when you first look at it.

Space Age Design

The minute that you look at this bag, you know there is something different about it. It has this sleek look about it that makes it look extremely strong and classy all at the same time. Much of this is because of its polycarbonate case, a hard shell that makes it capable of standing up to some incredibly harsh treatment. This is a good thing, especially if you plan on taking it with you when you fly. Its also big enough for you to pack just about everything you need and have room left over. With that being said, it has double swivel wheels that allow it to easily roll along, even when it is fully loaded. This means that no matter how much of your stuff you cram into it, you will always be able to carry it around with you easily without having to worry about it being too heavy. It also has a sturdy handle that is capable of standing up to a lot of punishment, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking the first time you use it.

Security That Matters

Of course, you want a bag that’s totally secure and this one fits the bill. It has a personal combination lock that you can set yourself. That way, all of your stuff remains secure even when the bag is not right by your side. In addition, it has double zippers that pull easily and smoothly, yet lock securely into place when you are not actually using them. It also has a separate TSA lock so you don’t have to worry about opening your bag with your combination in front of anyone or giving your combination out to strangers. This provides the ultimate level of security, something that relatively few bags that are currently on the market are capable of doing.

Serious Style, Inside and Out

This bag weighs just 11 pounds when it is empty, despite the fact that it has a hard shell and heavy duty wheels and handle. At 30 inches high, 20 inches wide and 12 inches deep, it gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to packing without being so large that it is cumbersome. Despite this fact, you can get an enormous amount of items in the bag itself. A lot of it is because of the way it is designed inside. For example, it is specially designed to keep wrinkling to a minimum, something that is vitally important to anyone that is traveling for a business trip or something similar. It also has straps to keep clothes from shifting regardless of how much the bag gets tossed around. It even has special compartments with separate access points for smaller items.


Yes, it is true, the SU130SP Sympatico from Briggs & Riley is one of the best large spinners on the market, if not the best. This is a bag that lets you travel in style and experience a level of comfort that you have probably never known before and it lets you have all of this at the same time. Most bags either don’t give you enough room to pack all of your stuff or they force you to fumble through the main compartment for several minutes to find what you are looking for. If they are large enough to accommodate everything you need to pack, the bags are often so cumbersome that you can scarcely move them from one location to another. This bag combines the best of both worlds because it gives you the opportunity to have a bag that is large enough to handle anything you throw at it without being difficult to manage. Its separate compartments give you quick access to things that you need without forcing you to open the main compartment in order to get them. They truly seem to have thought of everything with this bag. That is what makes it such a good choice for anyone that travels, whether you do so frequently or only once in awhile.

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Briggs & Riley Baseline (U128CX) Checked Luggage Review

Anyone who has traveled either far from home or close by can understand the need for quality luggage. There have been several times that I have traveled out of town and had my baggage fall apart. It always happens at the most inconvenient time. The last time I had taken a trip out of town, my luggage had a problem with the zipper. Almost all of my personal belongings had spilled onto the street. It was embarrassing and very inconvenient. I had decided that once in for all I was going to shop for luggage that was sturdy, durable, and made of great quality.

Briggs & Riley Baseline black back view

The Large Expandable Upright baseline (U128CX) luggage bag that I have my eye on is made of new technology, that consists of CX expansion-compression. Not only is the baggage made to withstand traveling needs, it is also made to hold a lot of items. I could take all the outfits that I want and still have room for matching accessories. The luggage bag allows for approximately 26% more room for packing. This type of feature will put my mind at ease when last minute packing is required. Nothing is worse than having all of my clothing ready to pack and not have the room to fit it into the bag. With this luggage, I would not have to decide on what I had to take and what I could live without for a few weeks.

briggs & Riley Baseline black side view

Being able to expand the luggage bag will make it more beneficial to compact everything that I need to take with me on my next adventure. The bag can easily go to its original size. All I need to do is grab the luggage bag on both sides and pull upward. This will allow the bag to compact back to its original shape without having lumps or bulging out. Everything that I need to take with me will stay in place and not move around or get squashed inside the bag. Even though the luggage is bigger it is very light to carry. It only weighs a little over ten pounds. Considering the size, I am shocked that it does not weigh more than that. I picked it up and found that I could carry it without a problem and that I would not need assistance with carrying this bag upstairs.

Briggs & Riley Baseline black laying on back view

One of my main concerns when reviewing this piece of luggage was the zipper. Since I had a few incidents with zippers breaking during my trips, I wanted to ensure this piece of luggage was different. The zipper is made of Racquet Coil and is easy maintenance because it is self-repairing. The zipper pull straps are lockable. This means I don’t have to worry about my zippers unzipping by themselves. This luggage would keep my items safe from spilling out all over the place while I am walking down the street. That is very important to me considering I have had that happen before.

Briggs & Riley Baseline tan open view

The fabric is made of durable nylon which is the resistance of water, and scratches. Even the color of the luggage will not fade or run, which is beneficial. When I am walking in the rain to grab a cab, I would not have to worry about the color being tainted. If I am walking up a flight of stairs, bumping it would not change the new appearance. It has a self-healing mechanism in the material. No matter what I knock the bag off of, it will fix the abrasions all by itself. That is an amazing feature because I can take a new bag and make it look old after one use. I am hard on my luggage when I am in a hurry.

Inside the luggage, it is designed with light colored lining. The reason it has a light colored lining is for quick location of items that is packed. No more searching and throwing everything out of the bag to find one item. I could look at the lining and know exactly where my makeup or accessories are located. This will save me plenty of stress and time when needing something from the bag in a hurry. After looking over the qualities and durability of the piece of luggage, it seems to be a great choice. I will keep this on my list of possibilities when I am ready to purchase my new luggage. The next trip I take will be less stressful. I will make sure my new luggage has the best quality and durability there is, before taking my next adventure.

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Briggs & Riley Torq Carry-On Spinner Review (QU121SP)

Briggs & Riley Torq Carry-On Spinner QU121SP front view

Looking for quality luggage can be a daunting task. If you choose the bargain brand carry-on then you are going to have issues fairly quickly. No one wants to have to deal with a carry on that is falling apart and looks like it had seen better days. Having a bag that has holes and a broken zipper does not give an excellent impression. Have an idea of which brands will offer you the performance, and design that you are looking for will narrow down your search. The following piece of luggage is the ultimate in quality and performance that your money can buy. If you are like me, you probably like to try to fit everything into a carry-on rather than having checked bags. This strategy saves money and time. To tote all of your belongings you are going to need a quality carry on that can stand up to all of the wear and tears that comes with using a carry-on bag. You need a carry on that can be dragged across the airport and stuffed into the over head compartment repeatedly and still look flawless.

Briggs & Riley Torq Carry-On Spinner QU121SP top view

The perfect bag for the task is the B & R Carry-On QU121SP. This bag has the quality construction that you need for traveling.There are plenty of great features on this bag. There is a moisture proof pocket for electronics in case of a spill or some other type of mishap. There is also a compression pocket. The exterior is made of a high-quality Makrolon polycarbonate. The material used for the outer shell can take whatever you have to dish out and will still look great.This bag also features a control panel with a lock that secures the main compartment. This feature will allow you to keep your belongings safe and prevent the bag from accidently opening and dumping your belongings out, which is the last thing you want to happen while traveling.In case you have more than just your carry on, the bag has a Smartlink system that allows you to strap multiple bags together to allow for easy transport. The carry on also have a durable telescoping aluminum handle that adjusts to three different positions. The handle also has the patented Ergonomic Outsider grip for comfort and easier maneuvering. Another great feature is the recessed wheels that allow for 360 degrees pivoting. This ability to spin in a complete circle will allow you to turn and move with ease. There are molded panels that protect the bag from dirt and wear when it is placed on its side.

For many, an essential feature for luggage is design and appearance. Luggage is an accessory for many travelers. They want quality, but they also want style. The International Carry-on gives the travels a stylish bag that makes a commuting a breeze. This bag has an up to date look that buyers love. This bag makes sense if you are the type of person that likes modern design and want to keep in style. I love this bag because it not only looks fabulous, but it can fit quite a lot of clothing and personal items. The things you bring with you will be protected and secure in this great piece of luggage.

Giving this bag a chance is an excellent decision. You will get all of the features you want and a few more you were not expecting. Travel is easier than ever when you use the International Carry-on. If it is time to replace your old carry on, then go ahead and toss it and give this sleek piece of travel gear a whirl. You will not regret your decision. You can rest easy knowing that you can run to you gate with abandon and not have to worry if your wheel is going to fly off or if you are going to dump your personal items somewhere in public. You can travel confidently around knowing that your bag looks great, and you have all of the things you needs safely tucked away in your bag.This carry on received an average of four and one-half stars by customers that have purchased the item. They give the carry on high marks for workmanship and style.

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Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack: A Review for the Traveler in You

Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack front view

Looking for the right excursion backpack? Is this one from Briggs and Riley the right one for you? Read ahead and find out!

For most of us who love to go out on an excursion, it is important to find a backpack that can suit all our needs. We don’t just need one that looks really good to carry. Instead, we need one that can pack on all that we need, and yet look simple and be easy to carry

So, how do you choose the right one?  

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Truer words have never been spoken. I often find myself using these lines by St. Agustine to justify my insane love for traveling, my urge to see more and more of the world. Traveling is rejuvenating; it is bliss.

Give me a long weekend, a short break or even a regular public holiday – I’ll be off before you can even say bye. But there’s one thing that every travel enthusiast needs and is always on the lookout for: the perfect backpack. Whether you’re going on a fancy cruise trip, visiting your sister on the other side of the globe or going camping in the wilderness, a good backpack ALWAYS comes in handy.

What we need is a flexible backpack – classy enough for those luxury tours and also tough enough to weather mud and rain when you go hiking. I’ve tried out a variety of products, but I haven’t favoured any as much as I do my Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack brx, BP240.

The Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack brx, BP240

Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack back view

I acquired this specimen a while ago, before I had to visit Australia for work. I wanted a nice and professional-looking backpack which I could take to work with me if need be and carry my laptop in.

At the same time, I needed it to be easy to carry around and tough – I was definitely planning to use my days off to fit in some beach-side camping and bush land hikes. B&R’s excursion backpack fit the bill perfectly.

The Specifications

Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack open view

Briggs & Riley always deliver top-of-the-range travel gear, and this was no exception. It was rugged yet refined, well-suited for long plane journeys and lugging around at airports too.

Size: 45.5 x 34.5 x 18 cm. Weight: 1 kg. Capacity: 22.8 litres.

These dimensions are pretty much exactly what you need. The backpack was big enough to fit all the supplies I wanted to have on hand AND a 15” laptop without much crowding. It was light enough for me to carry it on my back and still be able to run across flight terminals with ease (I tend to get late).

Zipper: Zippers are a pet peeve of mine, seeing as they more often than not end up broken or stuck at the worst possible moment. The BP240 was a relief though; its YKK RC zipper is smooth and self-repairing.

The backpack has double-zipper pulls that are easily lockable, which makes it super-convenient and secure.

Material: Briggs & Riley uses the best material for its line, and the Excursion Backpack brx was made with top quality fabrics. It combined durability with resistance to outer environmental conditions with 420D nylon and 600D polyester.

The material was lightweight but strong. The waterproof tarpaulin proved its effectiveness, thank goodness – saved my laptop from a crazy Sydney torrential downpour. The outer cover withstood the tests of dirt, mud and scrapes and passed with flying colours.


  • Excursion Backpack brx, BP240 has the benefit of having a handle and wheels. You can always push it around if you’re feeling tired, but carry it when you’re hands are full.
  • The u-shaped top opening is well-chosen, and the backpack has a good design overall. You can access your supplies inside with ease and without shuffling things around and disorganizing your packing.
  • It has a padded laptop pocket that keeps the valuable gadget separated from any liquids or hard items.
  • It comes in two colors, blue and black.
  • A few more inner partitions and pockets would’ve improved the design.
  • It would have gotten improved stability if the back of the backpack was attached to the handle at both the top and the bottom.


  • Only fits up to 15.6″ laptop.

All in all, the Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack has definitely made it into my list of best travel gear. It is a must-have piece for any business-person, employed professional or trekker and traveler. I recommend you get yours soon!

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Delsey Helium Shadow Bags Collection

Delsey helium front view

When it comes to traveling, whether it is a short or long distance, I feel that it is highly important to make sure that I have the proper luggage to carry all of my personal belongings with me. I want luggage that is going to be sure protects my clothing, and any other items that I may have to bring, so that when I am about to reach my final destination, I will be able to know that all of my belongings will be safe and sound. There are so many different types of luggage that are out there on the market to choose from, however, I want to be sure that I have the highest quality of bags when I am are traveling. So, because of my specific requirements, when it comes to traveling luggage, I decided to do some research into the most highly recommended bags on the market, and that was when I came across the Delsey Helium Shadow Bags. This Delsey bag collection are considered to be the highest quality of traveling luggage bags that anyone can purchase on the luggage market. They have many different sizes of bags that are available, and they are all made of the same type of plastic, and design, to make sure that anyone who purchases them are satisfied with the results. They are durable, convenient, easy to use, and considered to be the top choice of luggage that anyone can purchase.

Delsey helium side view

Delsey Helium Shadow Bags are one of the most popular items of luggage that can be bought. They have been made and designed with a lightweight 100% polycarbonate, which is a highly impact-resistant plastic. There are several different sizes of bags that are available. They are all designed almost exactly the same, however, there are many individuals who are in need of different sizes that they are wanting to bring with them for their trips. The sizes range and you can find them in 19″, 21″, 25″, and 29″. There are also luggage sets that can be purchased that contain small, medium, and large luggage bags. Anyone of these luggage bags are of the highest of quality, and they are definitely worth the purchase. The Delsey Helium Shadow Bags are a very unique brand of luggage that have been able to satisfy millions of travelers.

Delsey helium open view

I have been traveling for business for years, and I have heard from many individuals that the best type of luggage to take is one from the Helium Shadow Bag collection. There are so many customers, who have written reviews on these bags, who have been 100% satisfied with every part of these bags. They have mentioned that after they have purchased one, they have never wanted to go back to any type of ordinary luggage ever again. The designing of these bags make them so durable and lightweight, that it doesn’t feel like it is work whenever they are needed to tag along on a trip. There were so many positive and good things that customers had said about these bags, that it has set my mind to possibly making a purchase of my own. I believe that the Delsey Helium Bags could help me during my long business trips away from home. Having the 3 bag set would be an incredibly beneficial set to have. I would be able to carry my clothes in one bag, my laptop in and other forms of electronic devices in another, and carry the smaller items that I would need access to in the smaller bag. These bags make it incredibly easy to travel with all of my necessities that I would need to take with me.

So, when it comes to finding luggage that is impact resistant, highly durable, incredibly lightweight, smooth ride, and has the best features that anyone could hope for when it comes to luggage, the Delsey Helium Shadow Bags are the ones that get the job done right. There are so many positive reviews on these luggage bags, that I feel as if I need one, or more, to be able to enjoy my travels better and with ease. They will be exactly the type of quality luggage that I think I will be satisfied with

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Samsonite Classic Three Gusset Lg Toploader Review

Samsonite Three Gusset Lg Toploader front view

While I am sure many of you face the same mundane problems that I do, I still feel the need to talk about a situation in which I recently found myself. I was at the train station at eight in the morning, running late as usual. As I waited for the correct train to arrive and take me into the city I decided to go over the materials I would soon be presenting in the morning meeting. As I unzipped my bag I immediately noticed the zipper separating from the fabric. Of course, I felt the need to investigate further, and all the poking and prodding made the problem significantly worse. By the time I got onto the train I had to tuck the bag under my arm to make sure it did not fall apart completely.

Samsonite Three Gusset Lg Toploader open view

I was dreading the prospect of finding a new briefcase. I had neither the time nor patience to look through overly technical product descriptions and nitpicky customer reviews. I travel often and needed something durable and easily accessible. Not to mention something that would still look professional. I still cringe at the memory of my first interview when I was fresh out of college. I arrived at the office and looked immaculate in every way, that is if it were not for the stained neon green duffel bag I was carrying. It was the only thing I had not thought of. It was slightly embarrassing.

Back to the day on the train, when I finally got to the office I placed the mangled carrying case on my desk and sighed. The time had come for something new. I began the search for my new travel companion online, as most people would. Amazon is a marvelous thing. All my choices were displayed in front of me. All that was left was for me to choose. I finally decided on the Samsonite Classic Three gusset Lg Toploader, and here is what I found.

Sleek Design

As I mentioned before, appearance is important. This particular model is standard black, which is good for me as it matches all of my business attire. It comes with both handle and detachable shoulder strap. I like that it can look similar to a briefcase one moment, and switch to a carry on the next. The zippers are also black, which blends in perfectly to the fabric. The brand logo is a subtle rectangle on the front corner, which I like. Nobody likes to feel like a walking billboard.

Storage Space

I liked all the pockets that were available. My laptop fit nicely in the large compartment which stands at 12 inches high and 17 inches wide. There is even enough room to store a few notebooks as well as my more important files. There are also two front pockets, one which makes paperwork easy to get to, and the other gives me easy access to my writing utensils and business cards.

Fit For Travel

Travel is a part of life for almost everyone. I like how this can not only be used as a briefcase, but also luggage that I do not have to be concerned with. There is padding on the inside so I do not have to be worried about getting bumped into, or even the crowded overhead bins. Overall this case makes traveling easier that it was in the past.


In case it was not obvious, I don’t want to invest too much time into the upkeep of my luggage. The Samsonite Classic was made of strong nylon fibers that do not rip or tear due to frequent use. The handles are wrapped which make it more comfortable to hold as well as protecting the straps underneath. I feel confident that it will be quite a while before I have any more luggage incidents at the train station.

Being a typical person with a busy life, I find that whatever I carry my papers in should not give me much of a headache. Any time I need to replace something like this all I want is something that eases my concerns. This model does exactly what I need while looking professional and giving me ample space for my belongings. Since I made the purchase I am convinced that Samsonite knows exactly what people like myself are looking for.

Now, all this talk about business and travel has reminded me that I have been slacking off at work and should probably get back to it. For one final thought I would just like to add that if anyone else is tired of being embarrassed by briefcase fails, take a look at the Samsonite Classic Three Gusset Lg Toploader. I am aware that it is a mouthful to say, but it is definitely worth the purchase.

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Briggs and Riley Deliver with the New Baseline International Carry-On

new briggs and riley baseline carry on.fw

When shopping for luggage I know first-hand how important it is to find something durable. Finding the right luggage can take time because it is necessary to locate the right product for specific necessities. I know there have been many times I have been traveling and had my luggage, break, rip, and not hold up properly. There is nothing worse than being in a hurry to a life changing event and having luggage malfunction. I normally would expect my luggage to get lost at the airport, but not to fall apart at the most inconvenient time. After having numerous luggage accidents, I have learned my lesson as to what to look for when purchasing new luggage. The key features that are a must are quality, durability, and sturdiness.

A piece of luggage that I have my eye on is the Briggs & Riley Baseline International Carry-On Spinner. The Baseline is Model # U121CXSPW. This luggage bag has the ability for any type of travel. It can be used for vacation, overnight trips, and international airline travel. I like the idea of having one bag for any type of luggage needs. This bag is designed to hold an abundance of packing needs. It is short in height and wide in size; which will allow for maximum packing ability. This is a great feature because I would not need to pick and choose what outfits I have to take with me. Instead, I could take a variety of outfits with matching shoes and have plenty of room for more.

new briggs and riley baseline carry on inside view

What I really like about this luggage bag is the wheels it has. This bag has four wheels that turn in a 360-degree direction. No matter how many turns or maneuvering that I need to do; this bag would be able to keep up with me. I would not need to stop and pick it up to go around a sharp corner or make sure I don’t knock over a table in the hotel. The capability of the wheels will make my travels from the airport to my hotel a smooth journey. I believe it would take the stress out of getting caught on any object in my way and could swivel around any obstacles. This would keep me moving without worrying about my bag getting stuck behind me.

I noticed that the size of this Carry-On bag will offer me a full load of luggage and will fit with ease into the overhead compartment feet first. This is remarkable to know; because there is nothing more irritating than trying to push and shove my bag into the overhead compartment and it’s not wanting to fit properly. Once I need to exit the plane, I can easily pull this bag behind me down the aisle without banging it on the seats or running into a passenger’s legs.

One of the main issues of luggage malfunction is the zipper busting or coming off track. This bag has a durable zipper that is made to last and not bust the second time it is used. I like the idea that I can use a bag more than a few times and the zipper not burst open. The zipper appears to be sturdy which will allow me to stuff the bag and still get it to zip and unzip accurately. This feature is always important. I never seem to get everything to fit back into my luggage as it was when I originally packed it.

Another neat feature of this type of bag is that is it repels water. No matter how many rainy days I have to travel or water puddles that seem to step in front of me; my stuff will stay dry. Not having to worry about a downpour when you’re pulling your luggage behind you is a plus. I always have the worst luck at scuffing up my luggage no matter where I go. I think this bag has a solution for my scuff and scratch problem. It is abrasion resistant and it heals itself. I think that is amazing. No matter how many times I knock it around or bump it on something it will still look new. The next time I travel, the only person going to know that my luggage took a beating is me. It is a lightweight luggage bag which of course makes a difference. It weighs only 9 pounds, which are super light and will be easy to maintain and move around. I know from experience that having a light luggage bag will make the adventure of walking around with it much more appealing. There is nothing worse than having a heavy, bulky bag with no flexibility when speed walking around an airport.

After trying all of the features of the new Briggs & Riley carry-on spinner, it is definitely a worth-while purchase in my opinion.

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Tegra Lite X Frame Carry On Luggage Review

Tumi Tegra-Lite X Frame International Carry On stand up view

There is no doubt that the X Frame series from Tumi consists of some of the most expensive carry-on bags available. However, after taking a look at the products, I am convinced that the bags are surely worth their price. There are hardly a few brands out there that come close to Tumi in terms of quality of material and amount of features.

In the Tegra Lite X Frame series, Tumi has introduced two new international carry on products and one wheeled briefcase.

Tegra Lite X Frame International Carry-On

The international carry-on luggage bags are immensely appealing, thanks to their sleek design and carefully thought design. Both the products have a different look, each as gorgeous as the other. One of the bag sports a minimalist design in dark grey shade, giving it a sophisticated look. The other has a more modern design, with attractive patterns in a light shade.

What would you love about them?

Tumi Tegra-Lite X Frame International Carry On stand up view

These high end bags surely have a classy aesthetic which is a true representative of their cost. Other than their look, the bags are similar to each other. They have an ideal size which can easily carry your clothes and other necessities. I was more than satisfied with both the products’ wheel balance, so I’m sure they are not likely to trip even when you’re rushing to catch your flight.

Some features that I loved

One of its unique features is that the bags are made of composite Tegris material. Not many of us really have an idea what that means. All you need to know is that the bags are sturdier than most out there in this price range. Also, the material makes sure that they are surprisingly light for bags that stand around 20 inch tall. Despite having below average arm strength, I was able to lift a fully filled X Frame bag with ease.

Tumi Tegra-Lite X Frame International Carry On side view

Other than that, they have all the usual features you expect from a premium international carry-on like a three stage telescoping handle as well as external bumpers.

Smooth Interiors

Tumi Tegra-Lite X Frame International Carry On Luggage

The interior consists of tie down straps; a hanger bracket as well as three zipped pockets, all of which makes sure your things stay in place. One really cool feature which I haven’t seen in many other bags out there is its locking system. There was no zip ! The bags use a three point locking system.

This is surely a huge advantage as far as your luggage’s security is concerned. Moreover, it saves you the hassle of zipping up a full bag. A lot of points go to Tumi for this feature.

Tegra Lite X Frame Wheeled Briefcase

Tumi Tegra Lite Max Carry-On 4 Wheel Briefcase

Even with their briefcase, Tumi has gone ahead with its trademark design policy of simplicity and sophistication. The briefcase does not sport any unnecessary patterns, giving it an elegant and professional look. The briefcase’s size is ideal, with a height of 16 inch and a width of around 16 inch. It is impressive how much the brand has been able to integrate in a briefcase as small as this.

The Design

Tumi Tegra Lite Max Carry-On 4 Wheel Briefcase side view

This compact briefcase has an accessory pouch, pockets to keep your phone or tab as well as removable laptop pockets and file divider. That is everything one needs while leaving for a quick business trip. The briefcase has all the usual features like a top carry handle, dual spinner wheels as well as protective bumpers. But with Tumi, there’s always more.

The Features That Stand Out

After reviewing their international carry-on bags, I was expecting to come across some unique features in the briefcase as well, and I was not disappointed. The X frame briefcase allows you to remove the organizational divider for a compact wheeled carry on piece that allows you to carry more than just your business necessities.

Tumi Tegra Lite Max Carry-On 4 Wheel Briefcase inside view

Also, the bag sports an exterior pocket that gives you access to your interior gadgets and other things. This feature comes in especially handy when you’re waiting for your flight and can’t open the entire bag to take out the stuff you need. It is made of the same Tegris material used in most of the company’s products.

That is the reason that despite being sturdy and thick, the product weighs only about 9 lbs. The briefcase is priced a little high, but considering the amount of features provided, I would surely recommend it.

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