A simple piece of advice that I have lived with as an outdoor enthusiast is that to make your camping, hiking or trekking to be fun, it is best to keep the weight down. I am not talking about the body weight but the weight of the backpack on your back.

The lighter your backpack is, the more you will enjoy your hike and camping. This makes a difference especially in the back country trips.

Today, you will find many brands in the stores and making the right choice can be quite difficult. They all have amazing features which are enticing and can lead you to select a bag that does not fit your budget, purpose and style.

Before planning to camp in the woods, you need to decide what to carry. A few essentials to start with include warm clothing, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries, water and a sleeping bag. Since lighter backpacks are more comfortable, it is wise to shed the weight and carry only those you need during your trip.

Over time, I have dedicated resources and time in order to compile the best luggage for camping guide to help other outdoors enthusiasts to make the right decisions.

Which is the best luggage for camping?

You have chosen the best camping site, you have prepared your outdoor clothing and apparels but one thing stands in your way – selecting the best backpack for your camping trip. If you have shopped before, you know how frustrating it can be when choosing between the many brands on offer. Not only that, the salespeople around you make it even more confusing as they bombard you with offers – left, right and center.

Since a backpack is part of your camping gear and it will be pretty much on your back the whole time you will be hiking to the camping site, it is wise to settle for a light one. Gone are the days when you would see campers and hikers with large bags on their backs making them to be imbalanced.

Today’s backpacks are geared more towards minimalism and ergonomic design. You will find people owning a couple of backpacks which have different capacities. This allows them to select one that suits their planned activity. For example, if it’s an overnight camping, they will prefer the 35 to 55 liter backpack. If it is a weekend trip, they will opt for the 45 to 70 liter.

If the camping will take more than 3 days, one will opt for a backpack with 70 liters and above capacity.

What to consider

Packing accessibility

How are you accessing the inner compartments of the backpack? There are those designed with a top loading opening while others have a panel access. The top loading ones are pretty much popular and you can find them in most stores. The items not required immediately during the trip are placed in the lower section. The panel access means it has a zippered front or side panel that allows access.

Removable daypack

There are those that come with a removable daypack. This is suitable for day trips, hikes and camping. The daypack can hold some essentials that will be used during the day or during the camping event.

Sleeping bag compartment

You need a sleeping bag when you go camping. This means you need to select a backpack that has a sleeping bag compartment. This can be found at the bottom of the backpack and will ensure that you have a place to rest your tired body at the campsite.

Frame types

Today, you have two types of frames – internal and external. Internal frames types are designed to keep the hiker stable. They usually come with offload support technologies which transfer the weight to the hips.

External frame types are appropriate if you are packing a heavy and irregular load. They offer the best ventilation and different organization options.


Tool loops are very important especially when going camping. Your backpack needs to have these as it allows you to hang a few tools that will be useful during your camping. You can also incorporate a daisy chain or gear loops which will serve the same purpose.

Rain cover

The weather is unpredictable and rain may catch up with you when you are deep on your trail with nowhere to hide. It is best to choose a bag that has waterproof coating. This will protect your bag and contents from being soaking wet.

Best luggage for camping

Osprey Atmos

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The backpack was designed with comfort in mind. According to reviews, it has been selected as the most comfortable backpack and suitable for a camping trip. It has anti gravity suspension system that helps to spread the load. This helps to eliminate any pressure points from occurring on the body.

The system also helps to suspend the weight of the backpack over a large area which allows for more air to ventilate. This is great as it helps to cool the skin. It has great adjustability and the four compression systems are connected directly to the frame. This allows the user to squeeze down small loads.

High Sierra Titan

If you are looking for a back pack that will carry heavy loads easily, the High Sierra Titan is the right choice for you. This can be attributed to its S- shaped Ergo-Fit shoulder strap. The straps have load lifters which helps one to adjust to fits your torso size.

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It is designed with high density foam which is padded at the back panel. This improves load support. Thanks to the Airflow channels and uniquely contoured internal frame structures, your back remains cool and dry during summer.

Teton Sport 3400

This backpack is built with durable material plus sturdy zippers mesh lumbar support and padded waist and shoulder straps. It is built for camping, hiking and mountaineering. You can carry a heavy load from one point to another and you will not experience any pressure or pain on your back.

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It comes with a rain cover which provides protection to the bag and the contents in it. It has gear loops which make it perfect for camping as you can carry a few useful tools for use.

Final Thoughts

I know by now you have a better idea of the different factors you need to consider when buying the best luggage for backpacking. Just a recap, you need to consider the frame type, ventilation, pockets, pack access, sleeping bag compartment, removable daypack and attachments. This will help you to purchase the right backpack for your needs. Happy camping!

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