A simple piece of advice that I have lived with as an outdoor enthusiast is that to make your camping, hiking or trekking to be fun, it is best to keep the weight down. I am not talking about the body weight but the weight of the back pack on your back.

The lighter your backpack is, the more you will enjoy your hike and camping. This makes a difference especially in the back country trips.

Today, you will find many brands in the stores and making the right choice can be quite difficult. They all have amazing features which are enticing and can lead you to select a bag that does not fit your budget, purpose and style.

Before planning to camp in the woods, you need to decide what to carry. A few essentials to start with include warm clothing, socks, toothbrush, tooth paste, toiletries, water and a sleeping bag. Since lighter backpacks are more comfortable, it is wise to shed the weight and carry only those you need during your trip.

Overtime, I have dedicated resources and time in order to compile the best luggage for camping guide to help other outdoors enthusiasts to make the right decisions.

Which is the best luggage for camping?

You have chosen the best camping site, you have prepared your outdoor clothing and apparels but one thing stands in your way – selecting the best backpack for your camping trip. If you have shopped before, you know how frustrating it can be when choosing between the many brands on offer. Not only that, the sales people around you make it even more confusing as they bombard you with offers – left, right and center.

Since a backpack is part of your camping gear and it will be pretty much on your back the whole time you will be hiking to the camping site, it is wise to settle for a light one. Gone are the days when you would see campers and hikers with large bags on their backs making them to be imbalanced.

Today’s backpacks are geared more towards minimalism and ergonomic design. You will find people owning a couple of back packs which have different capacities. This allows them to select one that suits their planned activity. For example if it’s an overnight camping, they will prefer the 35 to 55 liter backpack. If it is a weekend trip, they will opt for the 45 to 70 liter.

If the camping will take more than 3 days, one will opt for a backpack with 70 liters and above capacity.

What to consider

Packing accessibility

How are you accessing the inner compartments of the backpack? There are those designed with a top loading opening while others have a panel access. The top loading ones are pretty much popular and you can find them in most stores. The items not required immediately during the trip are placed in the lower section. The panel access means it has a zippered front or side panel that allows access.

Removable daypack

There are those that come with a removable daypack. This is suitable for day trips, hikes and camping. The daypack can hold some essentials that will be used during the day or during the camping event.

Sleeping bag compartment

You need a sleeping bag when you go camping. This means you need to select a backpack that has a sleeping bag compartment. This can be found at the bottom of the backpack and will ensure that you have a place to rest your tired body at the camp site.

Frame types

Today, you have two types of frames – internal and external. Internal frames types are designed to keep the hiker stable. They usually come with offload support technologies which transfer the weight to the hips.

External frame types are appropriate if you are packing a heavy and irregular load. They offer the best ventilation and different organization options.


Tool loops are very important especially when going camping. Your backpack needs to have these as it allows you to hang a few tools that will be useful during your camping. You can also incorporate a daisy chain or gear loops which will serve the same purpose.

Rain cover

The weather is unpredictable and rain may catch up with you when you are deep on your trail with nowhere to hide. It is best to choose a bag that has waterproof coating. This will protect your bag and contents from being soaked wet.

Best luggage for camping

Osprey Atmos

Check Atmos Price

The backpack was designed with comfort in mind. According to reviews, it has been selected as the most comfortable backpack and suitable for a camping trip. It has anti gravity suspension system that helps to spread the load. This helps to eliminate any pressure points from occurring on the body.

The system also helps to suspend the weight of the backpack over a large area which allows for more air to ventilate. This is great as it helps to cool the skin. It has great adjustability and the four compression systems are connected directly to the frame. This allows the user to squeeze down small loads.

High Sierra Titan

If you are looking for a back pack that will carry heavy loads easily, the High Sierra Titan is the right choice for you. This can be attributed to its S- shaped Ergo-Fit shoulder strap. The straps have load lifters which helps one to adjust to fits your torso size.

Check High Sierra Titan Price

It is designed with high density foam which is padded at the back panel. This improves load support. Thanks to the Airflow channels and uniquely contoured internal frame structures, your back remains cool and dry during summer.

Teton Sport 3400

This backpack is built with durable material plus sturdy zippers mesh lumbar support and padded waist and shoulder straps. It is built for camping, hiking and mountaineering. You can carry a heavy load from one point to another and you will not experience any pressure or pain on your back.

Check Price

It comes with a rain cover which provides protection to the bag and the contents in it. It has gear loops which make it perfect for camping as you can carry a few useful tools for use.

Final Thoughts

I know by now you have a better idea of the different factors you need to consider when buying the best luggage for back packing. Just a recap, you need to consider the frame type, ventilation, pockets, pack access, sleeping bag compartment, removable daypack and attachments. This will help you to purchase the right backpack for your needs. Happy camping!

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack Review

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack top view

There are many backpacks out there for anyone to purchase, however, there are only a few types of backpacks that look professional and offer high quality that they come equipped with. The Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack is one of the best packs that are in the backpack market for any individual to purchase. It has a unique and professional design to the bag that makes it perfect for school, commuting, business, as well as travel. It has a very tall and roomy main compartment, and it was also designed with a separate compartment so that the user can store papers, files, or any other type of paper work that they are in need of carrying with them. It also has organizer pockets in it so that the user can make sure that they have everything properly stored inside of it and organized perfectly. It is also able to hold a tablet and a laptop with a specifically dedicated space inside of it. When I first found the Alpha Bravo, I was shocked at how amazing this product actually was. It was every business and school person dream backpack for them to have possession of, and he design gave it such a beautiful, elegant, sophisticate, and professional look to it, that it when I looked at it I didn’t even get a backpack vibe to it. It was more of a professional looking bag. I loved it.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack back view

I was so compelled by the design of the backpack that I looked further into the features and specifications that it came equipped with and was surprised at all of the amazing things I found. This backpack is 16″ high and 14″ wide, it only weighs 2.9 lbs., it has an iPad pocket, 2 business card slots, a laptop compartment, 1 open compartment, 2 media pockets, and 1 zip pocket. It has many exterior features to this backpack as well and they include a zip entry to the main compartments of the bag, and add-a-bag sleeve, webbing top carry handles with leather accent, side zipped pockets, and a quick access back pocket with magnetic snaps that are hidden. All of this included definitely does not give this bag the ordinary backpack feel to it. It has so many of these beneficial aspects to it, that it is an item that is a “must-have” when you are the type of individual who is in need of a backpack such as this Tumi Backpack.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack

There have been so many customers who have raved on and on about how perfect the backpack was for them whenever they were traveling or in school, and it was specifically beneficial when they were needing to use the restroom because they were able to take it inside with them with ease because it is so small. I read on to many other customer reviews and they all were positive and stated that they made the perfect decision by purchasing this bag. They said it was easy to access any items that they had inside of it, it had a very large capacity within it, the size of it is small and very easy to carry around, stylish design, and it was created with the highest of quality. With all of these amazing reviews, I knew that this Tumi backpack was the best choice that me, or anyone for that matter, could make. All of these incredible features that it comes equipped with is more than anyone could pass up, and I definitely didn’t want to be one of those who did pass it up. I found that I was very interested in the backpack that was going to be easy to travel with, has a beautiful design, is able to carry so many items that I need to have accessible to me, and to make my traveling, or any other affairs, so much easier to deal with.

In conclusion, when it comes to backpacks, there isn’t one out there that even compares to the Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox. I knew right away that this was the perfect backpack for me to purchase. I couldn’t believe the amazing features that came with this back, how easy it was to use and to carry around with me, and the many positive customer reviews that came along with it as well. The Tumi Alpha Bravo, I have decided, that it is the best pack in the backpack market.

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Osprey Farpoint 70 Travel Backpack Review

Osprey Packs Farpoint 70 Backpack

If you are an individual who is looking and searching for a travel bag that offers comfort, as well as convenience, then the Osprey Farpoint 70 Travel Backpack is the way to go. This backpack offers all of the necessary essential features for any type of adventurous travels, and without having to break the bank or lose money on it. If you are a camper, like myself, then with the Osprey Backpack you are able to your camping gear, your clothes for the trip, and a lot more hosts of items for your trip. Whether you are simply trekking through the woods, or you are exploring major cities from around the world, this pack is incredibly comfortable and easy to carry on your back. If you are using this backpack as a bag that you are wanting to take into the airport to travel with and use as a suitcase, all you have to do is to unzip the extender part of the backpack to give it a bigger size with more room available. You will be able to store it in the panel slot in the bag’s suspension system. This backpack is a very unique and beneficial bag to have whenever an individual is traveling far distances.

After I had read so many reviews about the Osprey Farpoint 70, and all of them were positive and reassuring that this backpack was the top of the market. It comes with a good amount of features that help give it the positive reviews that it has received. Features such as carry handles that are on the top and the sides of the backpack, it has a panel zip main compartment with pulls that are lockable, it has a straight-jacket compression, it has a removable day pack that un-attaches, points for gear attachment, and the entire backpack only weighs about 2 lbs. One of the other few features that it has, has become a favorite among many of the customers who purchased it, and it is the fact that this backpack also offers several other types of straps for carrying extra gear, it has dual loops for an ice axe, removable straps for a sleeping pad, and the multiple amounts for gear attachment. There are so many attachments and features that come with the Osprey Farpoint Backpack, that I had to look into it more, because I was very interested in purchasing it.

I researched further into the Osprey Backpack and I am very glad that I did. With the several good points that many customers have pointed out in their reviews, I couldn’t help but take it into consideration as an item that I was interested in buying. The fact that it was able to fit so many things was of big interest of me, because I have been looking for an item just like this that I would be able to take with me during my very long trips through different countries and places. It has the ability to hold so much of my gear equipment, very easy to carry, and with me being able to detach the daypack part of it was an incredibly beneficial aspect of the Osprey Backpack. I don’t think that there is another pack out there that is able to stand up to the Osprey Farpoint 70 Backpack, and I am ready to make it an addition to my journeying lifestyle.

In conclusion, there have been so many different reviews about how the customers who have purchased this backpack, have absolutely “loved” every part of it. All of the straps on this backpack are very easy to use and easily adjustable. The Osprey Backpack is small, yet with enough room and areas to be able to carry along all of the equipment that I need, so when I am ready to take my planned weeks of backpacking through beautiful countries, I will be relieved to know that I will be able to carry everything with me that I need to. It is also the perfect pack for adventurous traveling as well. Whenever I am ready to go trekking through the beautiful wilderness, I take comfort in knowing that I am able to bring the important things with me, such as water, food, gear, and any other important necessity, and not have to worry about it not being able to hold all of those things.

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Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256 Review

Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256

It is supposed to be an enjoyable time when taking trips out of town. The last thing on your mind should involve worrying about luggage. I have taken my luggage for granted that it would hold all of my items that I needed. Also, that it would maintain its durability while I am busily walking and tugging on it. Unfortunately, my previous luggage has let me down during my hustle and bustle through airports and streets. My last experience traveling for a business trip was a horrible experience concerning my luggage. My flight was delayed, which put me running to get where I needed to be and I was pulling my luggage behind me. The next thing I knew my luggage felt lighter that it had minutes before. I turned around to find a trail of my items scattered all over the sidewalk. I was humiliated as people walked passed me and laughed. It took several minutes to gather up my items that I would not want the whole world to see and stuff them back into my bag. The zipper had busted clear down the seam of my luggage. There was no fixing it unless I wanted to replace the whole zipper, and I had no time for this. I had to bear hug my luggage and be careful that nothing else came spewing back out.

Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256 side view

This had been the reason for my new mission of finding a durable bag made of good quality. I was not going to experience that again because I was horrified. The luggage I am searching for has to be made good enough to not let me down and be able to handle my busy schedule. I have found a luggage bag that is made for tough traveling and any type of weather conditions. It is constructed of durable nylon and is expandable for more packing space. The review of the stability of this piece of luggage will hold up for all of my travel needs. No matter if the terrain is rough or if it is a smooth journey; this bag seems to be able to handle it.

It is designed to hold all the things I need without being weighed down and bulky. The weight of this bag is a little over two pounds. Being able to use the lightweight luggage will help me move quickly on foot to and from my locations. The zipper is made of Racquet Coil and it is constructed to be extremely durable. The quality of the zipper is a feature that I am looking for considering the luck that I have had with luggage zippers. This luggage bag has a locking feature and is self-repairing. No matter how much wear that I put on the luggage the zipper will stay in tacked. I can carry it or drag it behind me without worrying about losing my items that I have packed inside. The main storage area has a lockable feature. When I am on the move I can lock it to have a double safety that my items will stay inside the luggage and not be able to fall out.

Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256 open view

The inside lining of the luggage has a light color which is designed to help locate items faster. This is a nice feature and would save me time digging through my luggage to find one item. I would be able to see the location of the item and retrieve it quickly without disturbing the rest of my packed items. The outside of the luggage has a quality water repellent feature that will keep my luggage from being soaked by rain or puddles. The color will also stay looking new because is made to not fade or run when it gets wet.

I would not have to worry about this luggage bag looking old from wear and tear because it is equipped with a self-healing technique. It protects against scratches and abrasions that would normally make it look hideous after the first couple uses. This luggage will allow me to be rough on it which is my norm; and not look like it was put through a rough time. After reviewing this product, it would be a good fit for me. All the qualities and durability that it entails, will help my travels become more enjoyable. This piece of large Weekender luggage is on my top list of new luggage to purchase for my next trip.

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Briggs & Riley Baseline (UWD129) Duffel Bag Review

Briggs & Riley Baseline Duffel Bag UWD129 open view

Briggs & Riley Baseline Duffel Bag UWD129 open view

Sooner or later, everybody makes the decision to travel for one reason or another. Sometimes, even traveling for fun can seem like something of a chore, especially when it comes to packing and unpacking. If you are like most people, you probably don’t want to have a ton of bags that you have to cart around with you everywhere you go. It is much easier to pack only one or two bags and travel light than it is to deal with an entire group of bags, such that you can scarcely even remember what you packed where. If you really want something that will work well for you for a family getaway or an individual trip that lasts for several days, consider the large upright baseline duffel bag from Briggs and Riley. If you look on the website, you will see a number that says UWD129. This is a mid-sized duffel bag that is upright, has wheels and a sturdy handle, and is capable of performing like a much larger bag while still giving you the comfort and convenience of a duffel.

The Details

Briggs & Riley Baseline Duffel Bag UWD129 alternate open view

This bag is smaller than some other duffel bags, at 29 inches high, 18 inches wide and 16.5 inches deep. With that being said, it is plenty big enough to accommodate most individuals. It weighs only 11 pounds empty so you won’t have to worry about lugging around something that almost weighs more than you do, either. This is especially true when you consider the fact that the in-line wheels are designed specifically to make the bag easy to roll along and the heavy duty handle has four different positions that you can set it to, making it comfortable for people of all different heights. One thing is certain, this is a bag that is built to handle being tossed around and it just keeps coming back for more, time and time again.

Packing Made Easy

Packing will probably never be at the top of most people’s list of fun things to do and unpacking is even more of a pain, but if you have to do it, you might as well make it easy on yourself. You can do exactly that with this particular duffel bag. It has two different sections, the large duffel space and a separate flat packing section that is four inches high. You can choose to use the bag as a single section or to separate these two out with specially designed zippers. This gives you the ultimate level of control and also ensures that your clothes don’t get wrinkled like they might with a more traditional duffel bag. The main section hold garments in place securely and even provides you with two additional and equally secure mesh pockets for smaller items.

Designed to Last

This is a bag that is designed to last. The exterior is specially designed to resist wear and tear, even if you or someone else fails to be as careful as you probably should be with it. Better yet, your personal information stays secure with the bag’s specially hidden ID tag. It truly is a duffel bag that provides the maximum amount of versatility, even under harsh punishment. It also maintains its shape whether you use it a few times a year or you find yourself packing it on a weekly basis. Zippers are secure and easy to operate and the entire bag as a whole is both durable and comfortable to use our regular basis.


If you really want a duffel bag that is capable of performing at the highest levels, you should seriously consider the large upright duffel from Briggs and Riley. This is probably unlike any duffel bag that you have ever used in the past. The thing is, once you start using it, it will also become the bag that you hold as your new standard and compare everything else to. Don’t be surprised if nothing else really measures up. This is something that is designed to make traveling easier for you and it does exactly that. If you want to travel light and you are tired of dealing with products that have inferior quality or simply don’t have enough space, this is something that removes all of those problems and makes traveling easier than it has ever been in the past.

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Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack: A Review for the Traveler in You

Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack front view

Looking for the right excursion backpack? Is this one from Briggs and Riley the right one for you? Read ahead and find out!

For most of us who love to go out on an excursion, it is important to find a backpack that can suit all our needs. We don’t just need one that looks really good to carry. Instead, we need one that can pack on all that we need, and yet look simple and be easy to carry

So, how do you choose the right one?  

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Truer words have never been spoken. I often find myself using these lines by St. Agustine to justify my insane love for traveling, my urge to see more and more of the world. Traveling is rejuvenating; it is bliss.

Give me a long weekend, a short break or even a regular public holiday – I’ll be off before you can even say bye. But there’s one thing that every travel enthusiast needs and is always on the lookout for: the perfect backpack. Whether you’re going on a fancy cruise trip, visiting your sister on the other side of the globe or going camping in the wilderness, a good backpack ALWAYS comes in handy.

What we need is a flexible backpack – classy enough for those luxury tours and also tough enough to weather mud and rain when you go hiking. I’ve tried out a variety of products, but I haven’t favoured any as much as I do my Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack brx, BP240.

The Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack brx, BP240

Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack back view

I acquired this specimen a while ago, before I had to visit Australia for work. I wanted a nice and professional-looking backpack which I could take to work with me if need be and carry my laptop in.

At the same time, I needed it to be easy to carry around and tough – I was definitely planning to use my days off to fit in some beach-side camping and bush land hikes. B&R’s excursion backpack fit the bill perfectly.

The Specifications

Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack open view

Briggs & Riley always deliver top-of-the-range travel gear, and this was no exception. It was rugged yet refined, well-suited for long plane journeys and lugging around at airports too.

Size: 45.5 x 34.5 x 18 cm. Weight: 1 kg. Capacity: 22.8 litres.

These dimensions are pretty much exactly what you need. The backpack was big enough to fit all the supplies I wanted to have on hand AND a 15” laptop without much crowding. It was light enough for me to carry it on my back and still be able to run across flight terminals with ease (I tend to get late).

Zipper: Zippers are a pet peeve of mine, seeing as they more often than not end up broken or stuck at the worst possible moment. The BP240 was a relief though; its YKK RC zipper is smooth and self-repairing.

The backpack has double-zipper pulls that are easily lockable, which makes it super-convenient and secure.

Material: Briggs & Riley uses the best material for its line, and the Excursion Backpack brx was made with top quality fabrics. It combined durability with resistance to outer environmental conditions with 420D nylon and 600D polyester.

The material was lightweight but strong. The waterproof tarpaulin proved its effectiveness, thank goodness – saved my laptop from a crazy Sydney torrential downpour. The outer cover withstood the tests of dirt, mud and scrapes and passed with flying colours.


  • Excursion Backpack brx, BP240 has the benefit of having a handle and wheels. You can always push it around if you’re feeling tired, but carry it when you’re hands are full.
  • The u-shaped top opening is well-chosen, and the backpack has a good design overall. You can access your supplies inside with ease and without shuffling things around and disorganizing your packing.
  • It has a padded laptop pocket that keeps the valuable gadget separated from any liquids or hard items.
  • It comes in two colors, blue and black.
  • A few more inner partitions and pockets would’ve improved the design.
  • It would have gotten improved stability if the back of the backpack was attached to the handle at both the top and the bottom.


  • Only fits up to 15.6″ laptop.

All in all, the Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack has definitely made it into my list of best travel gear. It is a must-have piece for any business-person, employed professional or trekker and traveler. I recommend you get yours soon!

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