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A common adage that I have become fond of is that a journey not only starts with a single step but with the best duffel bag for travel. I love taking road trips with my friends. It gives me a chance of sightseeing many attractions along the way. They include art galleries, museums, zoos, statues, landmarks and shopping malls.

When it comes to selecting the best duffel bag for travel, for me it has always been quite a hurdle, especially during the first moment. I had to go from one store to another just testing to find that one perfect bag that would make my trips wonderful and hassle free.

I finally found it and today, it has become my exciting companion always going with me on my adventures. After spending so much time just looking for that bag, I wondered how many people are frustrated looking for the perfect duffel bag like I was. This led me to write down this guide to help others who have been in a dilemma like me.

What is a duffel bag?

It is a large cylindrical bag that is made with fabric material and allows the user to organize clothes before setting off on a journey. If you are looking for a bag that will allow you to pack smart and light, then the duffel bag is the best choice for you.

It can be quite difficult to make a choice of what to carry and what to leave. At times, all you want is to pack a few things and head off. This is where a duffel bag comes in handy. You don’t have to worry about lack of space because it comes with several pockets designed for just that purpose.

Another choice why a duffel bag is great especially if you are traveling by air is that you can be able to sprint from one gate to another with ease. You don’t have to wait at the conveyor belt for your bag since it was close to you all the time.

What to consider

As a buyer, there are factors you need to consider before purchasing the best duffel bag for travel. They include:

Wheels or no wheels

There are duffel bags today that are fitted with recessed wheels making them look like a carry-on. The design allows the user to pull the bag which ensures ease of movement. When you choose one that has wheels, you need to consider the space it will occupy. Even though it is not shaped like a carry-on, you need to consider the shape when the bag is full of your clothes and other valuables. The cons of having a duffel bag with wheels are that you will experience the same discomfort around the shoulders and wrists. This is brought about by the act of pulling around the duffel bag.

When you opt for no wheels, which are the most popular version in the market today, you will benefit from more space. A duffel bag with wheels even though recessed minimizes spaces which would have been used to store more content. The con of a no-wheel duffel bag is that you will have to sling it on your shoulders. If you overpack, you will have to bear the weight which can be quite tiresome.


The number of compartments, their size as well as their configurations will enable you to organize your stuff better. What I was able to find out during my research is that many bags today come with dedicated and padded pockets. These are great for stowing away smartphones, tablets and other travel essentials. The con of outer pockets is that as protruding pouches, they reduce the total volume of packing space.


It is important to consider the weight of your bag especially if you are going for a no-wheels version. This is because; you will have to bear the weight of your stuff around the shoulders. This can be quite tiresome and can leave you aching around the shoulders after your travel.


Duffels bags are made from different materials. When considering durability, you need to go further than just the material. You need to look at the seams and how they are stitched. If a bag is stitched poorly, the stitches will be undone within no time. Consider also the type of zipper. Is it metallic or plastic? Since most duffel bags are manufactured with thick polyurethane, the material is burly and water resistant.

Best Duffel bags for travel

#1 Top Pick: Briggs & Riley Baseline Duffel

Briggs & Riley Baseline Duffel Bag UWD129 open view

Check Baseline Duffel Prices | Read Review

Olympia pocket rolling duffel bag

Check Olympia Duffel Prices

The bag is designed with a total of 8 pockets. You can organize your stuff in the different compartments giving you the best way to organize your travel content. You can use the pockets and store your travel documents, your smartphone, your tablet and maybe medication.

It is constructed with Supreme Protectflon polyester which is thick and water resistant. The bag is suitable for a road trip and if you are planning to take it on a plane, pack lightly or you made end up being charged overweight fees. It has recessed metal ball bearing in-line skate wheels that allow you to pull it along.

Everest Luggage sporty gear bag

Check Everest Prices

The bag is designed for the man on the go especially if you love sports or participate in it. It is constructed from 600d polyester which assures you of high quality material that is water resistant. It has a zipped closure that provides access to the interior part of the bag.

It has the following dimensions – 12.2 inches high and 12.2 inches wide. The bag is spacious with zippered clamshell opening. It has contrast piping and dual zippered compartments with mesh pockets. You can organize your stuff better with this duffel bag.

Adidas Diablo duffel bag

The bag is made from polyester and has a U-shape. This makes the bag easy to open and store travel content. It is built for people who love to travel light. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which allows the user to sling it around the shoulders.

Check Adidas Duffel Prices

The brand name Adidas is printed on the sides giving you assurance of a high quality product. One panel on the bag has been left blank in case you would love to brand your own logo. The bag has no side pockets and you can purchase some locks to improve security.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best duffel bag for travel, you need to consider the following. The number of compartments, the weight of the bag, the pockets, whether it has wheels or not and durability among others. Doing this will allow you to buy one that fits your style and needs.

Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256 Review

Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256

It is designed to hold all the things I need without being weighed down and bulky. The weight of this bag is a little over two pounds. Being able to use the lightweight luggage will help me move quickly on foot to and from my locations.

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Briggs & Riley Baseline (UWD129) Duffel Bag Review

Briggs & Riley Baseline Duffel Bag UWD129 open view

This bag is smaller than some other duffel bags, at 29 inches high, 18 inches wide and 16.5 inches deep. With that being said, it is plenty big enough to accommodate most individuals. It weighs only 11 pounds empty so you won’t have to worry about lugging around something that almost weighs more than you do, either.

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Understanding the Types of Luggage Wheels

luggage wheels

One of the most vital factors when selecting a luggage, is the type of wheels that it comes with. Wheels can be the determinant of the amount of effort and comfort users will enjoy when using the case. Benefits of getting a luggage with the best wheels include the ease of use when it comes to scooting it around and less strain on the hand, hence saving users from wrist pains.

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