Those of us that love to travel or find ourselves frequently traveling for business know how important it is to select the highest quality luggage brands. Luggage should be able to withstand the constant moving, pushing, and pulling it will encounter throughout transport. Not only is the best luggage able to perform but it also a reflection of its owner. I know I for one would not want to be seen with bags that are outdated

What Are The Highest Quality Luggage Brands?

1.Tumi Luggage


Tumi Luggage is a reputable brand that has a loyal customer base. Invest in quality brands that are going actually to save you money in the long run. High-quality luggage will last for years and will continue to look stylish. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, Tumi is high quality and uses the best materials and top workmanship.Don’t buy bargain luggage that is just going to break after a few months. Investing in luggage made by Tumi is going to save you money in the long run. They are built to withstand the wear and tear of frequent travel.

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Tumi luggage is designed to be very lightweight which is a great selling point. Hauling luggage can be quite a chore. If you select Tumi luggage, you will be able to travel much easier. They incorporate features that consumers need to be able to travel without having luggage problems. Some of their top selling points are:

Tumi Tegra-lite Large Trip Packing Case Suitcases

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This model from Tumi receives five-star reviews from most customers. I can see why it is rated so highly. This bag is not only stylish, but it is highly functional and roomy. This bag is great if you will be using checked luggage and have quite a bit of items to bring along. The great thing about this bag is that it is extremely light and maneuverable. You won’t have to struggle to get to your destination. You can roll with easy wherever you go. I love this bag because it can hold everything you want to bring without feeling bulky or heavy.

Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On

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I really like this well made versatile little carry on is perfect for those individuals that travel frequently but opt to just take a carry-on rather than checked baggage. There are plenty of individual pockets to hold electronics, passports, and small items separately and secure. As many experienced travels will tell you, this is a key component of a well designed carry on. This bag has a three-stage telescoping handle and is made from 100% ballistic nylon. This combination of features gives Tumi’s Alpha 2 carryon comfort, convenience, and durability all in one. Customers gave this luggage an average of four stars for design and endurance.

Tumi Alpha 2 Medium

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This is a perfect all around travel bag for travelers like myself that need space without being too big. It is just the right size to easily transport without being too bulky. It is made of top quality materials and has all of the features of it’s larger counterpart. It has plenty of compartments for your belongings and is made of quality, durable material. It is also expandable to give you all of the space you might need in case you bring back more items than you left with. This model also features four wheels and has a stylish design. This bag will prove to be both extremely functional and good looking. It is perfect for long or short term travels. Most customers give this bag four and one-half stars for its practical size and style.

2.Briggs and Riley

Briggs & Riley Logo

This luggage maker is so confident in the quality of their product that they offer a lifetime warranty. This speaks volumes about this particular brand of luggage. Satisfied customers have left rave reviews regarding repairs and repair time. If you want to invest in luggage that will last a long time, then Briggs and Riley is a name you want to consider. Briggs and Riley get high marks for thoughtful design and quality materials.

Briggs and Riley Baseline carry-on

new briggs and riley baseline carry on.fw

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This particular model has been a favorite of frequent travelers. It gives you all of the features you will need and is so durable that you almost never have to worry about it not performing due to wear and tear. If it did need repair, however, you could simply send it to the company, and it will be as good as new. You can’t go wrong with this essential piece of luggage. It also features an internal expansion system that allows you to pack extra items into your bag. This will help to eliminate the need for checked bags if you like to travel light. It also has four wheels to allow for much easier maneuverability. Most reviews give this bag five stars for superior durability and design. This bag would do for just about any trip I have planned especially if I were wanting to avoid having checked bags.

Briggs and Riley Baseline 20” Expandable Wide Body

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I like that this bag can fit everything you might need to pack easily. I will also last a long time because it is built to last. It also features the outsider telescoping handle. This handle system allows the handle to collapse flat against the side. With this great feature, you can fit your bag more easily into tight spaces.The construction and design allow you to pack and find all of your items easily and navigate through airports with ease. This is a great find for those that love to use checked luggage. You will probably not need an extra bag wich saves you time, money, and effort. Most users give this piece of luggage four and one-half stars.

Torq International Carry-On Spinner

Briggs & Riley Torq Carry-On Spinner QU121SP front view

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This hardshell carry-on can take whatever your travels can dish out. The strong and durable hard shell will protect your belongings no matter what happens along the way. This lightweight carry-on features multiple pockets and space conscious design. The sleek modern look will please even the most selective traveler. This carry-on may be the best piece of luggage you ever buy. Most users give this bag five stars for convenience and durability. It also features a tablet compartment. Its shell is an ultra durable polycarbonate material that is meant to last for years. For the traveler that like to have just a carry-on, this is an essential piece. Most users give this bag and average of four and one-half to five stars for its versatility and design. I agree with these review because this is a great buy with tons of features.


Delsey luggage logo

Delsey is luxury luggage made in Paris, France. It has been in business for over seventy years. Delsey takes pride in having a futuristic look and sophisticated lines. Thier luggage comes in a variety of unconventional colors. Thier luggage gives those with unconventional tastes a way to express themselves without having to compromise on quality. The luggage has all of the qualities one would expect from top quality manufacturers and style that is fun and functional.

Delsey Luggage Helium Fusion Lite 21 Inches Expandable Carry-on

I am a fan of this fantastically styled carry-on gives you exceptional quality and style. It includes several outside accessible pockets for quick storage. The bag is made of a very durable material that will hold up to all of the conditions it is exposed to. It has a retractable handle that is made to last along with sturdy wheels. The bag is expandable to accommodate all of your belongings and any that you may accumulate on your travels. The colors available are unique and easy to recognize. Most customers give this bag four and one-half stars for value and style.

Delsey Luggage Helium Hyperlite Carry-On Expandable 2 Wheel Trolley

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This fabulous bag is not only eye catching but has plenty of features. It has a fiberglass frame for strength and shape retention. It has plenty of easily accessible pockets for quick storage. It has a telescoping handle and is made of durable super lightweight materials. It also has protected, recessed wheels. This bag comes in a variety of colors. It has sleek styling and has a great price. I feel that this product gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Most users gave this baggage four and one-half stars for value and versatility.

The Delsey Helium Superlite

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This stylish piece of luggage has everything you could want from a luxury bag without the hefty price tag. I love that it has stellar design and sturdy components. The Pockets are outside accessible and are also weatherproof. The inside is completely lined and has straps to keep your belongings in place. It has a long handle to prevent you from having to stoop over to pull it. It even has an indicator light that illuminates when your bag’s weight is over the fifty allowable pounds. There are reinforced corners and super responsive wheels. All of these factors combine to make this the perfect traveling bag for business or pleasure. This bag gets an average user rating or four stars for being lightweight and for its extra features.

The Delsey Helium Aero Carry-On

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This durable eye catcher has flair and function all in one lightweight package. It is perfect for travelers like me that want to have a stylish but functional carry-on.The outer shell is 100% glossy finish polycarbonate. It has a telescoping handle and four spinner wheels for easy navigation. It also features the TSA lock to keep your personal items secure. This model comes in three sizes and is also expandable to fit all of your items comfortably. This hard shell suitcase can take everything your travels have in store. It has oversized pockets inside and strapped to hold everything inside in place. The whole suitcase is lightweight for easy handling. This model received an average rating of four stars for maneuverability and price.

Delsey Sky 2.0

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The Sky 2.0 is large enough to meet all of your volume requirements when traveling. It has a sturdy construction and is completely lined which helps to protect any electronics in your bag. It will fit in just about any overhead compartment. It also has self-repairing zippers and a vapor barrier to lock odors out. It has a classic design that is understated yet appealing. There are several easy access pocket, and it has two durable wheels. This bag will meet all of your basic requirements and is designed to last. It also has a great price which makes it an excellent buy. Users gave this bag and average of four stars for functions and durability. I like that this bag is understated yet very functional.

4. Traveler’s Choice

Travelers Choice logo

Travelers Choice is a name associated with quality and style. Traveler’s Choice gives you the style and function you expect from a top name in luggage. There several styles of luggage to choose from including matching sets for the traveler that needs to be prepared for any adventure. These attractive bags come in a variety of colors that add interest to the overall appearance of the luggage. It is sophisticated but practical and will last for years to come.

Traveler’s Choice TC Luggage Toronto 29″ Expandable Hardside Spinner

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This hard shell bag is designed to last and still look great after a great amount of use. It has an attractive glossy shell that resists scratches and damage. There are several organizational pockets to keep your items from moving around in your bag. There are straps for the items outside of the pockets. This piece of luggage weighs around ten pounds and is expandable up to twenty-five percent of its size. Users gave this piece of luggage an average review rating of four stars for value and quality. I love the features and the price on this model. I think this is a great buy for most travelers.

Traveler’s Choice TC Luggage Freedom 29″ Hardshell Spinner Upright

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This bag has a good deal of features for the price. It has a push button handle system and a padded interior. I like that it has ball bearing spinner wheels that are designed to last. This is important if you do a great deal of traveling.There are plenty of accessory pockets and straps to keep all of your belongings in place. The modern design is sure to please along with its add a bag strap make this a great value. The hard shell will prevent damage from handling and the elements. Most users give this hard shell luggage four and one-half stars for features and function.

Traveler’s Choice TC Luggage Rome 29″ Hardshell Spinner Suitcase

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This hardshell suitcase is designed to be impact resistant. This is perfect because I have had many bags become damaged from being dropped or thrown about while in transit. It is also flexible to be able to handle pressure and weight and will hold form and pop back into place. It has a push button telescoping handle and 360-degree spinner wheels for great handling. This inside is lined and includes side compartments. It also is available in a wide array of colors. It has sleek styling and a quality design. This bag is meant to endure a great deal of use and still be attractive and functional. Users give this feature packed bag four and one-half and up to five stars for durability and design.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Henderson Luggage Review

This Tumi bag measures 26″ high x 15″ wide and is expandable. Trust us, it has PLENTY of space even for the inner hoarder that lives in all of us. Much like other Tumi bags, the Henderson is made of 100% Ballistic Nylon with Polyester lining. This is a sturdy bag, which is what we and most people have come to expect from such a great luggage brand like Tumi.

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What is the Best Luggage Scale?

luggage scales

Camry luggage scale is a smooth, lightweight digital scale that measures anything up to the weight of 110 pounds or 50 kilos. At only 3.2 oz., Camry is designed from stainless steel and plastics, ensuring that it is a durable device for frequent travelers. Camry is one of the easiest devices to store meaning that it is carried around conveniently.

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The Best of Tumi Luggage


Tumi has one of the best trending and loyal brands flowing in the industry. From some different sources, they are said to make unique and exceptional luggage. Tumi is mainly known for its diverse products of bags. This innovation could have been due to the need of people traveling and wanting to have their luggage safe wherever they go.

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Tumi Alpha 2 Checked Bag – Simply The Best Luggage

tumi alpha 2 front view

If you are planning on taking a short trip that only lasts a few days, then this is the best model for you. This very tough packing case is large enough to carry a few sets of clothing but won’t weigh you down. In fact, this model only weighs just over 14 pounds which will allow just about anyone to carry it with ease.

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Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Expandable Spinner Carry On

Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Expandable

There were so many different reviews about the Tumi Alpha 2 Continental expandable bag, and all of them had so many positive things to say about this piece of luggage that made me feel compelled to purchase one for myself.

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Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256 Review

Briggs & Riley Large Weekender 256

It is designed to hold all the things I need without being weighed down and bulky. The weight of this bag is a little over two pounds. Being able to use the lightweight luggage will help me move quickly on foot to and from my locations.

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Briggs & Riley Baseline (UWD129) Duffel Bag Review

Briggs & Riley Baseline Duffel Bag UWD129 open view

This bag is smaller than some other duffel bags, at 29 inches high, 18 inches wide and 16.5 inches deep. With that being said, it is plenty big enough to accommodate most individuals. It weighs only 11 pounds empty so you won’t have to worry about lugging around something that almost weighs more than you do, either.

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Briggs & Riley Torq Large Spinner QU130SP Review

Briggs & Riley Torq Spinner QU130SP front view

This luggage has a hard shell casing on the outside of it. It is designed to protect the items inside the bag with the hard shell. The outer hard cover has a large size compartment for maximum storage of all the extra’s needed for my trips.

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Briggs & Riley Sympatico Large Spinner SU130SP Review

The minute that you look at this bag, you know there is something different about it. It has this sleek look about it that makes it look extremely strong and classy all at the same time. Much of this is because of its polycarbonate case, a hard shell that makes it capable of standing up to some incredibly harsh treatment.

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Briggs & Riley Baseline (U128CX) Checked Luggage Review

The Large Expandable Upright baseline (U128CX) luggage bag that I have my eye on is made of new technology, that consists of CX expansion-compression. Not only is the baggage made to withstand traveling needs, it is also made to hold a lot of items.

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Briggs & Riley Torq Carry-On Spinner Review (QU121SP)

Briggs & Riley Torq Carry-On Spinner QU121SP front view

The perfect bag for the task is the B & R Carry-On QU121SP. This bag has the quality construction that you need for traveling.There are plenty of great features on this bag. There is a moisture proof pocket for electronics in case of a spill or some other type of mishap. There is also a compression pocket.

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Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack: A Review for the Traveler in You

Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack front view

What we need is a flexible backpack – classy enough for those luxury tours and also tough enough to weather mud and rain when you go hiking. I’ve tried out a variety of products, but I haven’t favoured any as much as I do my Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack brx, BP240.

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Delsey Helium Shadow Bags Collection

Delsey helium front view

Delsey Helium Shadow Bags are one of the most popular items of luggage that can be bought. They have been made and designed with a lightweight 100% polycarbonate, which is a highly impact-resistant plastic. There are several different sizes of bags that are available.

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Delsey Montmartre+ Travel Tote – One of the Best Totes

delsey tote bag

This Delsey Montmartre+ tote bag is well known for its French sophistication. It is a tote bag that is considered fancy and a must have item. It was created and designed with faux leather, and the interior of the tote bag has a very deluxe and soft-touch to it.

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Tegra Lite X Frame Carry On Luggage Review

Tumi Tegra-Lite X Frame International Carry On stand up view

The international carry-on luggage bags are immensely appealing, thanks to their sleek design and carefully thought design. Both the products have a different look, each as gorgeous as the other. One of the bag sports a minimalist design in dark grey shade, giving it a sophisticated look.

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Top Rated Wheeled Luggage for Any Travel

Carlos Falchi Rio - 17 Inch Wheeling Overnighter

One of the vital features of any luggage is the ease of mobility, which it comes with. Buying an expensive bag does not necessarily mean that the quality of the wheels is not compromised. On the other hand, most cheap wheeled bags are not durable as they cannot handle much of the damage that comes with dragging luggage on both rough and smooth surfaces.

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Understanding the Types of Luggage Wheels

luggage wheels

One of the most vital factors when selecting a luggage, is the type of wheels that it comes with. Wheels can be the determinant of the amount of effort and comfort users will enjoy when using the case. Benefits of getting a luggage with the best wheels include the ease of use when it comes to scooting it around and less strain on the hand, hence saving users from wrist pains.

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